‘The Voice’ Coaches Share Their Favorite Parts of the Show

Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello

The Voice / YouTube Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello

There are a lot of interesting components to “The Voice” that keep fans coming back to watch week after week. From the Blind Auditions, to the Battles, to the Live Playoffs, the singers must be prepared for any musical challenge that comes their way, and it’s up to their coaches (Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Camila Cabello) to prepare them.

“The Voice” official Instagram recently shared a video of this season’s coaches backstage between Knockouts, sharing their favorite part of filming the show.

See the video below.

‘Voice’ Coaches Love Seeing Singers Grow in Rehearsals

The Instagram video, captioned, “THEY LOVE THEIR JOBS”, opens with Stefani telling the other coaches, “Coaching and rehearsals is my favorite part of the show, besides putting my makeup on.”

Everybody instantly agrees with the “Hollaback Girl” singer, and they start talking about how far their team members have progressed after rehearsals, and that many of them are picking really good songs for their voices, which shows how well-developed they are as an artist. Shelton and Cabello even start a little fight over whose team has progressed the farthest in rehearsals.

“The Voice” has also recently shared a video on their YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes footage from this season’s Battles and Knockouts rehearsals. The video shows Team Legend advisor Jazmine Sullivan surprising contestants Valarie Harding and Dia Malai while they prepare to Battle with her song “Bust Your Windows”.

Elsewhere in the video, Stefani tells her advisor, Sean Paul, that it can be strange hearing somebody reimagine or reinterpret a song, and especially her own song, or one she knows so well. She says, “It’s just weird when you hear someone else do it, and then they put their style of singing, and they try to make it fancy or whatever.”

How Much Rehearsal Time Do ‘Voice’ Contestants Get?

If rehearsals are the coaches’ favorite part of working on “The Voice”, how much time do they get to rehearse and work with their team?

According to Good Housekeeping in an article shared last month, “The Voice” contestants have to follow a lot of specific rules as it pertains to the rehearsal process, however for the Battles they get four days to rehearse with their Battle partner and coach before approximately two days of Battle filming. The exact amount of rehearsal time does depend on the coach’s availability as well, though.

“Season 1’s Vicci Martinez recalled once waiting until 3 a.m. for her then-coach CeeLo Green to rehearse and record three songs that would be uploaded to iTunes following that week’s episode,” Good Housekeeping reports.


“The Voice” executive producer Audrey Morrissey has also spoken about the rehearsal process before with SheKnows, saying each coach is involved as much or as little as they want to be in each performance.

“It all depends on the coach,” Morrissey said. “Some love a big production and like working out all the details of the performance. Other coaches mainly focus on the music and arrangement for the performance.”

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