WATCH: Mother and Daughter Trio Amazes Coaches on ‘The Voice’

The Voice Worth the Wait


In a new clip from Monday night’s upcoming episode of The Voice, the trio Worth the Wait amazes the coaches and earns a 4-chair turn.

Worth the Wait is a trio made up of two sisters and their mother, and they chose to sing “When Will I Be Loved” by Linda Ronstadt for their blind audition. The women are Mia, Jaycee and Mama T.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, the released video cuts off before it’s shown who the women choose as their coach for the season, meaning that fans will have to wait until Monday night to find out who gets this trio on their team.

Read on to learn more about Worth the Wait and their audition.

Watch Worth the Wait Earn a Four-Chair Turn

First to turn was Gwen Stefani, as she turned before the trio even started to harmonize, and she was completely stunned when she saw who was on the stage. Shelton hit his button to turn as soon as the group started singing together. Soon after, both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend hit their buttons to turn their chairs as well.

“That was so good!” Stefani yelled while she clapped following the performance.

The coaches are surprised once they find out that the group is all family and that “Mama T” is actually the mother of the other women.

“You could be sisters!” John Legend jokes.

The Coaches All Want Worth the Wait on Their Team

After the Blind Audition ends, the coaches all start in on the reasons why the trio should choose them as the coach.

“So here’s my situation,” Stefani starts. “I’m sitting back there, and I hear one voice, and I turn around… literally in shock.”

She added that she thought the performance was “literally like magic,” and then when the ladies said they like country music and that’s what they’d love to keep performing, she jokes with them about how she was on the country charts earlier this year.

“When it comes to Blake Shelton obviously being a country king, it’s true that he has been on this show for 19 seasons, he’s just so burnt out,” she jokes about her now-fiance.

She then pulled up a video of Trace Adkins talking about how great Gwen Stefani could be for a country singer on his team and saying that Blake Shelton has used up all his luck in his life.

“What an idiot,” Shelton laughed after the video played.

Clarkson said she loved the harmonies, but she also said there were parts where it wasn’t quite in sync and she would “push [them] like a choir director.”

Going into this audition, Shelton has just one spot left on his team, and he tries to use that to his advantage, saying that they must be pretty special if he turned for them.

“I think that you need to have songs that let your harmonies soar,” Shelton adds. “I’d be proud to be your coach.”

John Legend admits that he’s not an expert in country music, but he did grow up singing with his family and has experience directing a choir and an a capella group.

“You are one of our very few four-chair turns in this whole season,” he added.

Tune in to The Voice on Monday, November 2 to see who Worth the Wait chooses as their coach.

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