Why Some Fans Aren’t Happy With ‘The Voice’ Top 8 Results

Lana Scott

NBC Lana Scott performing during the top 10 live show.

On the November 30 elimination episode, the top eight contestants for season 21 of “The Voice” were revealed.

Three contestants from Team Blake, two from Team Kelly, and one apiece from Teams Legend and Ariana made it through based on America’s vote. Those lucky seven acts were Paris Winningham, Jim and Sasha Allen, Girl Named Tom, Wendy Moten, Joshua Vacanti, Lana Scott, and Hailey Mia.

The remaining three contestants — Jershika Maple, Holly Forbes, and Jeremy Rosado — then performed again for a chance to win the Instant Save.

Jeremy performed “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts, Holly Forbes sang “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson herself, and Jershika chose “What Is Love” by Veronika Bozeman. All three performances were well received by the coaches but the viewers saved Jershika with their votes. Holly and Jeremy were eliminated.

Some fans didn’t think the eliminations were fair or that the most talented artists progressed to the top eight.

Fans Think These 2 Top 8 Contestants Should’ve Gone Home Instead

In a Reddit thread discussing the bottom three (Jershika, Holly, and Jeremy), some viewers of “The Voice” expressed frustration with America’s choices this week.

Some fans think that Lana Scott of Team Blake deserved to be eliminated but speculated that country music fans will vote for her no matter what. Lana is the only country artist left in the competition. “How does she keep advancing,” one Instagram user commented on “The Voice”‘s Instagram post about Lana making it to the top eight.

Others think that father-son duo Jim & Sasha Allen have only stayed in the competition because Ariana Grande fans will vote for Ariana’s artists no matter what.

“I actually knew this was going to happen. Country voters will probably carry Lana all the way to the finale. And now that Ariana has only Jim & Sasha I wouldn’t expect them to leave the show anytime soon,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“I think the bottom three should have been Jeremy, Jim and Sasha, and Lana,” another Reddit user wrote on a different thread.

What Makes A Winner On ‘The Voice?’

The question of which artists deserve to stay in the competition speaks to a larger debate in “The Voice” fandom. Is the show simply about crowning the best singer? Or should the winner also have stage presence and be the type of artist that could potentially achieve mainstream success?

Another Reddit thread asked viewers to weigh in on contestants like Wendy Moten vs. contestants like Jim & Sasha Allen. The original post broke “The Voice” voters down into two categories: “the ones that vote for Wendy because of her vocals even though she has arguably no emotional connection to the songs and not really much charisma or stage presence” and “the ones that vote for Jim & Sasha because of their charisma, stage presence and emotional connection even though they don‘t have great vocals.”

Although Blake Shelton has already said he thinks Wendy Moten deserves to win the competition, some fans feel that she is less relatable and less exciting to watch than other contestants.

“The Voice” has never produced a true superstar the way “American Idol” has with winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Most music fans are looking for more than a great voice when it comes to their favorite artists.

“When I think of the music I most like to listen to in general, it’s not because the singers are technically flawless, or that they can do things with their voice that other singers can’t do, or because they look a certain way or represent underprivileged groups. It’s just that I enjoy listening to their music for some undefined reason,” one Reddit user commented.

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