‘Voice’ Mentor ‘Slams the Brakes’ on World Tour for Mental Health Reasons

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Pop star, Shawn Mendes, who was an advisor on “The Voice” in season 9, and is also the ex-boyfriend of new coach, Camila Cabello, has “slammed the brakes” on his world tour, according to Page Six.

Mendes was Alicia Keys’ celebrity advisor on “The Voice” when he was only 19 years old, “making him the youngest star to ever fill that role” reports ET. He had a romantic relationship for two years with Cabello, who also served as a celebrity advisor under John Legend in season 21. Cabello is slotted to be the newest coach on the long-running NBC singing competition this fall, in season 22.

Mendes “Hit a Breaking Point”

Mendes, now 23, had planned to wow audiences around the world over the next several months on his “Wonder” tour. However, according to Page Six, he has realized that he is not mentally prepared for the pressures of being on the road at this time.

The “Stitches” singer posted his decision to postpone his world tour on Instagram Friday, July 8.  He stated, “This breaks my heart to have to say this, but unfortunately I’m going to have to postpone the next three weeks of shows through Uncasville, CT until further notice.”

The post went on to say, “I’ve been touring since I was 15 and to be honest it’s always been difficult to be on the road away from friends and family.  After a few years off the road, I was ready to dive back in, but the decision was premature and unfortunately the toll of the road and the pressure has caught up to me and I’ve hit a breaking point.”

Mendes did not go into specifics about what caused him to “hit a breaking point.” However, he explained that he had spoken with mental health professionals who had advised him to take a break from touring so he can heal and put himself first.

Fans and fellow celebrities on Instagram were overwhelmingly supportive. Musician, Horace Bray posted, “Hope you feel better my dude!” Celebrity photographer, Sam Dameshek’ commented, “In tough times we need a sense of home to feel found. From a different walk of life I hear you brother ❤️ you’ll be back and better than ever soon.”

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who has collaborated with Mendes, wrote, “Taking care of yourself is important. Thinking of you Shawn, we’ll be here to cheer you on when you’re ready to be back!”  Mental Health America also weighed in, posting “Take care, @shawnmendes. Your mental health matters. 💙🧡”

The Signs Were There

Several months before this announcement, Mendes let fans in on his mental health struggles on Twitter. On April 19, he posted a long letter expressing his emotional instability. “The truth in current form is a 23 year old who constantly feels like he’s either flying or drowning.” Mendes also described himself as feeling “overwhelmed and overstimulated” and questioned what he should be doing with his life.

Two years prior, in 2020, Mendes told Zane Lowe on an Apple podcast series, that he felt his mental health struggles were ruining his relationship with Cabello. He said he had been struggling with hypersensitivity and anxiety for years, but he tried to hold it back from Cabello because he did not want to appear weak.

The couple broke up in November 2021, and he has been trying to use songwriting as a way of purging his feelings about the end of the relationship, reports Glamour. Mendes did not mention Cabello in his July 8 Instagram post.

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