Wendy Moten Needed Surgery for Elbow Injury She Got On ‘The Voice’

Wendy Moten

NBC Wendy Moten performing during "The Voice" season 21 finale.

When “The Voice” runner-up Wendy Moten tripped on a monitor and fell down on live television, she told the viewers at home she was fine after a commercial break.

“We’ve never had anything like that happen,” the show’s host Carson Daly said, with an arm around Moten. “Are you okay?” He asked her. “Yes, I’m okay. I’m a little bruised but you know what? I’m still ready to go,” she said. But as was revealed the following week on “The Voice,” Moten had sustained significant injuries from her fall — a broken elbow and a fractured wrist.

Moten made it all the way to finale night, rocking a shiny cast and sling. She placed second, with the sibling act Girl Named Tom winning it all. Now that season 21 of “The Voice” is over, Moten is having surgery on her elbow. She took to Instagram to give her followers an update on the situation.

Watch the video of Moten’s fall below:

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Moten Revealed Her Elbow Is ‘Jacked Up’ and ‘Shattered’

In a December 17 Instagram video, Moten explained that she was heading to get surgery so she could “get back to business, get back to making music.” She also shared that, “I got one of the top surgeons at Vanderbilt getting ready to work on my arm.”

Moten’s fellow finalists Jershika Maple and Paris Winningham left supportive comments on the video. “Praying for you Sis,” Winningham wrote, while Maple left praying hand and heart emojis. Country singer Martina McBride, whom Moten has toured with, also commented heart emojis on the post.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Moten explained that she had initially planned to have surgery in Burbank, California, near where “The Voice” films, but decided to wait until she was back home in Nashville. The 57-year-old singer even had two different surgery dates scheduled, one for if she won the show and one for if she didn’t.

Moten’s elbow injury is more serious than fans who saw her smiling and singing her heart out on “The Voice” could probably tell. “My elbow is jacked up,” Moten told PEOPLE. “It’s shattered. It’s no good. I have to have surgery to put metal plates and bolts and things. So I’m amazed that I was able to still keep going with that knowledge.”

Moten’s Fiance Appears in the Instagram Video

In the Instagram video, Moten shows a man named David driving her to the doctor. David Santos, a musician himself, is Moten’s fiance.

“I’ve been blessed to find the right guy, the right mate, because I’ve been career-driven my whole life, and so has he,” Moten told PEOPLE about her relationship with Santos. “So I describe us best as two people who are loners, who want somebody to love us.” According to PEOPLE, the pair has been together for twenty-six years.

“He’s my biggest cheerleader. I’m a workaholic, so sometimes I’ll have two to three tours in a year. The wrong person would think you just don’t like them, or you never want to be home, but he gets that I’m just driven,” Moten said. “(There are no) problems with having to choose between him or my work. He knows I love to work, and he does too, so that’s just a blessing.”

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