‘The Voice’ Season 21 Winner: Who Won This Year?

The Voice top 5 season 21

NBC The top five on season 21 of 'The Voice.'

The season 21 finale of “The Voice” came down to Hailey Mia (Team Kelly), Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly), Jershika Maple (Team Legend), Paris Winningham (Team Blake), and Wendy Moten (Team Blake).

After one more round of performances on Monday, December 13, America voted and picked a season 21 winner. With Ariana Grande’s team completely eliminated by the finale, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson seemed to have the best chances of winning this season.

So who won season 21 of “The Voice?” And did Shelton coach yet another winning contestant to victory? Read on to find out.

This article contains spoilers for the season 21 finale of “The Voice.” Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers.

Girl Named Tom Won ‘The Voice’

The final two were Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly) and Wendy Moten (Team Blake). This came as no surprise seeing as both of them were at the front of the pack throughout the entire season. Both acts got four chair turns at their blind auditions and never needed a save or a steal to stay in the competition. Ultimately, sibling act Girl Named Tom was crowned the winner of season 21 of “The Voice.”

Jershika Maple of Team Legend placed fifth. This didn’t come as too much of a surprise seeing as Jershika was saved and stolen throughout the competition in order to stay in. Hailey Mia of Team Kelly, who turned fourteen during her time on “The Voice,” placed fourth. Paris Winningham of Team Blake came in third.

Girl Named Tom’s victory marks coach Kelly Clarkson’s fourth victory as a coach. Previously, she won in seasons 14 (Brynn Cartelli), 15 (Chevel Shepherd), and 17 (Jake Hoot).

What Does the Winner of ‘The Voice’ Get?

Winners of the NBC singing competition receive a $100,000 cash prize and a Universal Music record deal. The famous coaches on “The Voice” often help former contestants with their careers as well by collaborating with them or booking them to play high-profile gigs.

Blake Shelton has collaborated with several “The Voice” alums including Raelynn, Ian Flanigan, and Pete Mroz. In 2019, he hosted an event at his Nashville bar and invited several former Team Blake members to perform.

A Glitch On ‘The Voice’ App Leaked the Results Early

Well before Carson Daly announced the winner of season 21, a glitch on “The Voice” official app declared Girl Named Tom the victors. For a period of time on December 14, Girl Named Tom’s photo on the voting page had a banner with the word “winner” over it.

The glitch was later fixed, but fans had already seen and taken screenshots of the apparent results leak. NBC has yet to confirm that a leak took place.

Who Is Girl Named Tom?

Girl Named Tom is made up of siblings Bekah Grace (20), Joshua (24), and Caleb (26). How did they get their unique band name? According to the band’s website, Joshua liked to call his sister “Thomas” when she was a baby.

According to their bio on the NBC website, the siblings are from Pettisville, Ohio but currently reside in South Bend, Indiana. They formed Girl Name Tom in 2019, as a way to spend more time together in the wake of their father’s struggle with cancer.

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Sandy Madden Fedora
Sandy Madden Fedora
1 year ago

Personally, I thought that, Wendy Moten, being a 30 year “professional” singer had no place in this competition at all. There were 13 year old’s, and at home groups etc and they had to compete with a 30 year “professional”. VERY unfair in my opinion. The only good thing is, she didn’t win.