Gerry Turner Had a ‘Thing For’ One Contestant Most, Faith Martin Says

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ABC The final three

Golden Bachelor” contestant Faith Martin revealed in an interview that she believed Gerry Turner had a “thing for” Theresa Nist from “the get-go.”

She said she did not see the same connection between Turner and Leslie Fhima.

Fhima and Nist are the final two contestants in the “Golden Bachelor” and were headed to Costa Rica for overnight dates on November 16, 2023. Martin made it into the final three. She explained to Extra TV that she knew if Turner picked Fhima first that she would probably get cut because of his connection with Nist.

Martin’s comments come as fans debate Turner’s behavior on the November 16, 2023, show, in which he declared that he had told both women he loved them and could see a life with either one.

Here’s what you need to know:

Faith Martin explained That She Did ‘Not See It With Leslie” Fhima & Gerry Turner

In the video interview, Martin revealed that Turner seemed to favor one contestant. “I did notice that he kind of had a thing for Theresa right from the get-go,” she said. “I did not see it with Leslie but obviously their relationship was growing too. So my thought going in was if he gives a rose to Leslie first, I know I’m going home. I just knew it might be then between Leslie and Theresa.”

In the interview, Martin said she had a connection with Turner too but wasn’t sure she would get a rose.

“I think there were some concerns I had,” she admitted, saying they boiled down to Turner’s concerns about their age gap (she’s 61 and he’s 72), and the fact they live in different states.

She said of the geographic differences, “That was a conversation that we had that I let him know that that was really important to me.” She said the “age thing” concerned Turner more than it bothered her.

“I felt like the connection that Gerry and I had was so special and such a deep spiritual level of love and respect, and we had so much fun together,” she said.

Fans Have Debated Videos That Might Offer Clues to Turner’s Final Choice

golden bachelor

US WeeklyThe screenshot of the Turner interview.

Turner gives out the final rose in the November 30, 2023, episode of “The Golden Bachelor.”

In an interview with IndyStar, Turner said he “picked the greatest woman in the world.” He also said in that interview that he’s open to marriage, saying, “There’s a lot of possibilities out there. And we have many roads to travel before we get to that. But I’m open to all possibilities today as I was open to all possibilities at the very beginning of this journey.”

Debate has been raging in “Golden Bachelor” fan groups and on social media about whether Turner picks Nist or Fhima. Some people believe that a video Fhima posted might have captured Turner giggling, indicating he could have chosen her instead. Others don’t think it’s conclusive.

A second video captured the image of a woman with brown hair sitting on a bed behind Turner as he did an interview, but there is debate among fans as to whether that woman looks more like Fhima or Nist.

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