‘1000-Pound Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Rushed to Hospital After She ‘Quit Breathing’

Tammy Slaton

TLC "1000-Pound Sisters" star Tammy Slaton suffered a serious health scare.

“1000-Pound Sisters” star Tammy Slaton was rushed to the hospital in the season 4 trailer, which TLC dropped on December 8. Tammy revealed she was going into food rehab again after she continued to struggle to lose weight.

“I’ve decided to go to rehab,” Tammy says at the beginning of the sneak peek.

In the next scene, an ambulance siren blares, and cameras show the outside of a hospital. “Tammy quit breathing,” her brother, Chris Combs, says in an overdub.

“Her body is shutting down,” adds one of Tammy’s sisters.

But Tammy recovers. She’s shown sitting in a wheelchair at the rehab. She lets out a belch, drawing a laugh from two of the staff members. “‘Scuse me,” she says. “I’m sorry.”

The sneak peek teases that Tammy had a hard time in rehab. “I’m struggling with just being so far away from family,” she says.

It hasn’t been easy for her family, either. Amy Slaton Halterman tells the camera that Tammy’s been cranky. “We need a b****-orcist,” she says. “We need someone to exorcize the b**** out of Tammy.”

A little bit of an attitude isn’t Tammy’s only problem. The TLC star’s doctor gets stern with her. “I told you, Tammy, you have real risks,” he says.

Chris says the consequences could be grave. “If she don’t get the surgery, she’s going to die because of her weight,’ he says.

Tammy weighs about 650 pounds and has been trying to lose weight since the series debuted in January 2020.

Season 4 Will Show Amy’s Pregnancy

As fans of the Slaton sisters might already know, there’s some good news for Tammy’s sister, Amy. She and her husband, Michael, are expecting their second child.

“We’re expecting another child,” Michael says, as Amy holds up a pregnancy test and sonogram pictures. “Baby No. 2 y’all,” she chants.

But Michael and Amy have a medical scare of their own. Amy tells the cameras that she’s been in a lot of pain during this pregnancy. TLC cameras show her laying in the hospital bed with her hand over her forehead.

“The doctor has concerns with this baby because I’m in a plot of pain,” Amy tells the cameras.

“Things took a turn for the worse,” Amy says in another scene, fighting back tears.

Tammy Is a Married Woman

Another thing fans might get to see is Tammy’s marriage to her husband, Caleb Willingham. According to People, they met at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

“You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” Tammy told People. “I’m married now!”

Tammy and her husband had a small ceremony with about 30 friends and family, a source told People. The TLC star wore a white wedding dress and tiara. Tammy’s sister, Amy, was one of the family members who attended the ceremony. She posed for a picture with her sister, wearing a gown and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Amy wasn’t a fan of Tammy’s ex-boyfriend, Phillip, who said he didn’t date anyone under 300 pounds.

“Tammy told me she broke up with Phil, and I’m like, about damn time. Now you need to work on yourself. Tammy don’t need somebody that wants her to be a glutton,” Amy during season 3 of their reality show, per People.

Season 4 of “1000-Pound Sisters” is slated to return on January 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. 

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