90 Day Fiancé: Natalie Reconnects With Mike Amid War in Ukraine

Natalie and Mike

TLC Natalie Mordovtseva from "90 Day Fiancé" revealed something unexpected: She's reconnected with her estranged husband, Mike Youngquist.

Natalie Mordovtseva from “90 Day Fiancé” revealed something unexpected: She’s reconnected with her estranged husband, Mike Youngquist. The former couple hadn’t spoken for two months, but when Russia attacked Ukraine, Mike reached out to Natalie because he was worried about his mother-in-law, who remained in the country.

“I think I didn’t believe the news when I see on the internet that Russia attack. I started to call my mom immediately. And I’m like God, it can’t be true, it can’t be true,” Natalie revealed on the October 31 episode of “90 Day Fiancé.” “And she don’t pick up the phone and I’m like please pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. Mom, please. And when she answers I’m like, ‘Mom, is it true?’”

Her mom confirmed the news: they heard bombs. Natalie’s family lives close to the airport in Ukraine, and the airports were the first places Russia attacked. 

Natalie was shocked by Russia’s attack.

“It’s like crazy, honestly, like I couldn’t believe it,” she told TLC cameras. “I felt like there’s nothing I can do. There is fcking nothing I can do and I’m sorry for that. It’s been two weeks since Russia attack and thank god I was able to help my mom to escape.”

Natalie sat down for a FaceTime call with her mother, who absconded Poland and then Bulgaria, where Natalie rented her an apartment. 

“I’m so happy that we managed to take you out,” she told her mother. “We are not guilty in this war but we are homeless now. We have no place to live. We have nothing.”

Natalie noted that her current fling, Josh, did not offer to help.

Natalie Said Mike Is A ‘Great Guy’

Natalie began to talk about her ex-husband much differently than she did in the past, referring to him as a “great guy” and her “hero.”

“In my opinion, Mike is a great guy because when the war started he helped us. He helped you. In fact, I was able to buy you a ticket,” Natalie explained. “He helped out a lot.”

Her mother couldn’t go home to her place in Ukraine because it wasn’t safe. “We lost our home. And my mom, she’s waiting for her refugee visa interview to come here,” Natalie said.

Mike had a relationship with Natalie’s mother, too. He had been to Ukraine several times before they got married.

Mike Wanted To See Natalie Again

Even though Natalie fled Seattle for Florida, she was ready to return to the rainy state to reconnect with her ex.

“Michael is a hero and I love him for that,” she told TLC cameras. “I want to go back to Michael and apologize for leaving. Also when I left Sequim, I left my birth certificate, my passport, my clothes. … No matter how we parted, I can’t escape that Michael’s a part of my life. Michael’s in my heart.”

Natalie didn’t hesitate when Mike said he wanted to see her in person.

“Of course, he writes to me and he wants to see me and talk to me,” she explained.

Before the episode ends, Natalie gets on an airplane to see Mike. Her mother cautioned her to be kind to her ex.

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