90 Day Fiance: Are Steven & Alina Still Together Now?

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TLC "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" season three stars Steven and Alina have become one of the most talked-about couples.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” season three stars Steven and Alina have become one of the most talked-about couples. Steven, who is one of the few “90 Day Fiance” personalities to learn his partner’s native language, moved to Turkey to be with Alina, who is originally from Russia.

It was important for Steven to remain abstinent and he wanted Alina to convert to his Mormon religion and become a Mormon too. One of the major problems for Alina and Steven is that her family fears he is a part of a cult.

After flying to Turkey to meet Steven, Alina’s mother Anna worried that Steven was strange, as noted by ScreenRant, and accused him of being a hypocrite and a liar after she revealed he wasn’t a virgin. Anna mocked Steven for abstaining from alcohol and caffeine but participating in sex. When Alina’s mom left Turkey, she advised her daughter to leave Steven.

Alina and Steven also faced another hurdle when he realized he might not be ready for an engagement. Alina, however, came to Turkey expecting a ring.

So Are Steven & Alina Still Together Today?

It seems like “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” season three stars Alina and Steven are still together today, based on their social media activity.

According to Steven, Instagram is one of the few social media apps he is “allowed” to use. Alina asked him to delete Facebook after she set him up and caught him flirting with other women online.

“Since that scene, I still have not created a new Facebook, TikTok, or any other social media besides Instagram which she was okay with me keeping,” Steven wrote in an October 25, 2021, Instagram post.

“I actually planned on deleting my Instagram but she insisted that Facebook was my problem,” he continued, likely referring to Alina as the “she” in his post. “Now I want to start being more active.”

“I’ll be creating some new social media in the coming weeks,” Steven added. “Let me know what kind of content you want to see!!”

Alina Also Hinted She & Steven Were Still Together

Alina posted an Instagram message of her own that made it seem like she was still in a relationship. According to an article by CheatSheet.com, Alina “called out” Steven on social media.

“Somebody with a V didn’t really like this photo,” she captioned a September 9, 2021, post. But I think I look good here and it took me a really long time to do this makeup. Girls, don’t let a man decide if you look beautiful or not. 🏳️‍🌈😘.”

In a message from October 13, 2021, Alina hinted that things had gone well for her after she stayed true to herself.

“Not long ago my life was totally different. Totally normal. But I followed my heart 💜 and now life couldn’t be better,” she said. “To anyone who feels like they are missing something I say follow your heart.”

The Russian native echoed her message in a post three days later.

“I want to reinforce that message and share that verse to give hope to everyone who is looking for happiness,” Alina reiterated. “I think like God happiness is a lot closer to each than we realize. Sometimes to be happy we just have to believe ❤️😽.”

Steven Plans to Propose to Alina

While Alina was undecided about Steven after the October 25, 2021, episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,” the American native planned a romantic proposal to his girlfriend.

Unbeknownst to Alina, Steven had been hiding an engagement ring in a sock in his suitcase the whole time — he was just waiting for the right moment to get down on one knee.

For the special occasion, Steven wrote a song for Alina and will also play the keyboard for her.

“The whole reason we came to Turkey was to get married, but I had always been hesitant to commit and now we’ve been through a lot of hard things together, a lot of hard things that are because of my behavior,” he said in a preview of the October 31, 2021, episode, shared to the “90 Day Fiance” Facebook page. “Her faith in me really assures me that she’s the girl that I want to be with forever, because who else would believe in me like that?”

Steven put a lot of planning into the proposal and wants it to have a lot of “surprises.” “I want it to be romantic, I want it to be memorable, I want it to be majestic, and I want it to show that I am worthy of her forgiveness,” he said.

“I’m really nervous, this is my first time ever writing a song,” Steven continued. “I’m going to be performing it on one of the biggest days of our lives, so, hopefully, I don’t choke.”

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