Fans Abuzz Over ’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Amid New Scandal

Tiffany Franco

TLC The "90 Day Fiance" stars spilled "everything."

“90 Day Fiance: The Single Life” stars Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith got fans talking after they argued on Part 1 of the Season 3 tell-all. The couple tried to make their relationship work in the second half of this season, with Franco flying to South Africa to be with Smith for four months. Franco brought their daughter, 3-year-old Carley, along for the trip.

Franco also has a 12-year-old son, Daniel, from a previous relationship. Smith considers Daniel to be his son, and refers to himself as a father-of-two on social media.

Viewers weren’t sure why Franco and Smith tried to fix their marriage after they both tried dating new people.

An original poster on Reddit suggested Franco and Smith get professional help.

“They both make horrible decisions. I feel bad for the kids,” the person wrote. “They both need a lot of therapy. Neither belong in relationships. Get some help.”

Hundreds of fans agreed with the original poster, with the thread garnering more than 500 upvotes and scores of comments.

Fans Were Worried About Franco’s Son & Smith’s Temper

Some of the most popular responses were from people who were upset that Franco stayed in South Africa for four months without her son, Daniel, who remained in the U.S. with his maternal grandmother.

“I mean what kind of parent leaves their kid for 4 months?!” they said.

Others were concerned about the anger displayed by Smith during the episode. “Him punching the screen was genuinely scary,” they penned. “I would stay far far away from south Africa if I were her.”

According to what’s been shown on “90 Day Fiance,” Smith isn’t allowed in the U.S. because of his criminal past in South Africa. The TLC star has admitted to struggling with a gambling addiction, too.

Franco Accused Smith of Cheating on Her and Stealing Her Money


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Franco’s clip started with reunion host Shaun Robinson asking if Franco and Smith were still together.

“I don’t know. It’s just really complicated for me,” Franco admitted.

Robinson then brought on Smith, who appeared at the tell-all virtually.

Franco revealed that Smith started dating other people before she did, but Smith didn’t want to talk about his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Fraser.

“I don’t want to open a wound, especially for Tiffany… because I know it hurts her,” he said. “Me and Tiffany’s in a place that I’m trying to fix us ’cause I messed up.”

Things between Franco and Smith became hostile when Franco accused her husband of being unfaithful and untrustworthy.

“I went there, I did nothing wrong and he f***** everything up,” Franco told Robinson. “I found out he was still talking to that ex-girlfriend and getting money from her after being in South Africa and him telling me for a month already that we were together.”

Smith didn’t expect Franco to air his dirty laundry.

“Yeah, of course, I wanna go there, Ronald,” Franco said. “You wanna make yourself look good. He’s trying to turn it around now. That’s what he’s gonna do.”

“You were manipulating me,” Smith interjected. “Tiffany, spill everything. Go ahead.

After the taunt, Franco spilled even more.

“He took my debit card, stole $250 to go gamble. I have the proof,” she said. “He thinks I’m this soft little woman who’s gonna take it and take it and take it. No more.”

The episode ended with Smith becoming angry. “That’s a lie. Oh my God, you are lying,” he told his wife. “F*** you, man,” he said, punching the screen before he walked away.

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