’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Plead for Couple to Break Up

90 Day Fiance

TLC "90 Day Fiance" fans are ready for Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya to break up.

“90 Day Fiance” fans are ready for Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren to say their goodbyes.

Yara told Jovi on the December 11 episode of “Happily Ever After” that she misses living in Europe and wants to move there with their 2-year-old daughter, Mylah. Dufren, of course, does not like the idea of moving from his native New Orleans to Europe and is confused why Yara agreed to become a U.S. citizen if she didn’t want to stay in America long-term.

A popular post on the 90 Day Fiance News & Memes 2022 Facebook group talked about the possibility of Yara and Jovi ending their marriage.

“I’m so over her disrespect for Jovi. I can’t stand the way she talks to him,” an original poster wrote on December 11. The viewer’s comment struck a chord with fans, driving more than 1,500 reactions and over 1,500 responses.

Social media users were split. Some people sided with Jovi and others — who feared Jovi might drink too much — sided with Yara.

“He is to be loathed. She can have a better life without him,” read a popular response.

A different top answer was from someone who thought Jovi should take Mylah away from her mother. “Jovi take your baby and leave this whine, ungrateful little girl with her mom they can grow old together… she don’t appreciate you at all,” the Facebook user wrote.

Jovi Wants to Have a Second Baby With Yara

Even though they’re having relationship problems, Jovi thought having a second baby could fix their relationship.

“I was actually thinking, if you want to come back home, how do you think you would feel about us having another baby?” Jovi asked.

Yara seemed caught off guard by the question. “You want to have another baby?” she answered.

Jovi told TLC cameras in a confessional that he doesn’t want to be an “old dad” and then admitted: “I’ve also been thinking, maybe a child could strengthen our relationship… If Yara got pregnant again, I feel like it would bring us closer.”

Yara Didn’t Want to Have a Baby

Before she gave her answer, Yara had to ask if Jovi had truly considered his proposition.

“This is, like, serious right now?” she asked.

Then she told him she didn’t want to have another baby. “No, because I will be the person who will raise them,” she said. “You’re always at work. No. No.”

In her own confessional with TLC cameras, Yara explained why she wasn’t interested in getting pregnant again.

“Hearing Jovi bring up another baby, it’s like, I honestly don’t know where it’s coming from. I want another baby in the future, but it’s definitely not a close future. At least in four years or something — I don’t want another baby now,” she said.  “It’s honestly the worst time to have any kids right now.”

While talking to Jovi, she accused him of trying to “control” her through a second pregnancy.

“So now because I say maybe I want to stay in Europe you’re trying to [drop] the bomb on me about another baby? Like, is that something you think — if we have another baby you can control me more?” she asked.

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