’90 Day’ Fans Flip Over Heated Castravet vs. Potthast Fight

Andrei Castravet

TLC "90 Day Fiance" fans had a lot to say about the fight that went down between Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast.

“90 Day Fiance” fans had a lot to say about the fight that went down between Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast on the August 8 episode of the hit TLC show. Chuck Potthast, the patriarch of the family, held a barbeque so his bickering children had a chance to work through their problems. Instead, the kids came in swinging. In the case of Charlie Potthast and Castravet, it was literal.

“My dad stirs the pot and then when the pot starts to boil over he backs away,” Elizabeth Potthast’s sister, Rebekah Lichtwerch, told TLC cameras. “None of us want to come here and sit down and pretend like we are a happy family ’cause that’s not what this is.”

The fights between the siblings started as soon as Lichtwerch and Jenn Potthast Davis entered. They attacked their father and fought with Castravet.

“Remember when were used to get together and there was no arguing? Let’s get back to that for one day, please,” the patriarch pleaded. “That’s all I’m asking.”

The tension at the gathering reached its peak when Charlie Potthast and his wife, Megan, arrived. “Look who’s back! Call the cops!” he said, waving his arms in the air.

“Shut the f*** up, dude. Take a seat,” Castravet responded. “Take a seat you b****, c’mon.”

Seconds later, Castravet and Charlie Potthast were wrestling on the ground, with the family getting involved to pull them away from each other.

Most Fans Blamed Charlie for the Fight

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At the end of the event, the sisters sided with their sister Elizabeth Potthast and Castravet. Most fans seemed to take a similar position.

In a Reddit discussion about the incident, viewers speculated that Charlie Potthast might have been intoxicated before he showed up to the gathering. Others placed blame on him for the fight since he put his hands on Castravet first.

“They both escalated the situation several times and share the blame, but Charlie is responsible for the fight,” one popular comment on the thread said. “It was a screaming match, but Charlie made it physical. Both of them could have de-escalated the situation several times but chose not to.”

There were a few people who were against Castravet. “Andre is the newcomer to a family,” a viewer argued. What bothers me is that they were not fighting on this scale until Andre came.”

“Charlie is a trash human,” another added. “Charlie started the fight and lucky Andrei didn’t beat the brakes off of him.”

Charlie Potthast Hinted He Won the Fight

While fans might have sided with Castravet, Charlie Potthast claimed he emerged as the winner from the incident.

“Me after the fight compared to them 😂🤣,” Charlie Potthast captioned a picture of himself smirking.

In the second slide, the father-of-four shared an image of cartoons consoling another character who was crying.

Megan Potthast, Charlie’s wife, defended herself against allegations that she scratched her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Potthast, in the face.

“It all makes sense now why I wasn’t mic’d!” she wrote on Instagram stories after the episode aired. “I bet someone was hoping to get me in the pool and if that didn’t work go along with ‘Megan scratched me’ hahaha what a joke! You lunge your body at someone you be prepared to be punched or a hand held up to block you. I don’t scratch people I’m not a child.”

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