90 Day Fiance: Are Ariela & Biniyam Still Together Today?

Ariela Biniyam

TLC "90 Day Fiance" stars Ariela and Biniyam sparked rumors they weren't in a relationship anymore after she threatened to never come back to Ethiopia.

“90 Day Fiance” stars Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre sparked rumors they weren’t in a relationship anymore after she threatened to never come back to Ethiopia.

Ariela and Biniyam lived in separate countries during season three of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” after their son, Avi, need a hernia operation. Instead of having the surgery in Ethiopia, Ariela decided to bring Avi to America to have the procedure in New Jersey, where her family lives.

Biniyam and his family did not want Ariela to leave Ethiopia, afraid they wouldn’t return. Ariela promised she would come back to the African country, but in a sneak peek for the October 31, 2021, episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” showed Biniyam’s biggest fear might have come true. Ariela became upset when Biniyam wasn’t responsive to her phone calls and claimed he cared more about spending time with his friends than communicating with his family.

She then accused him of infidelity.

“God knows who you f*****, and God knows what you’ve been doing,” she told Binyam, according to Entertainment Tonight Online. “And this is a chance for you to redeem yourself. This your last f****** chance.”

“Listen: You have spent the last two months destroying your family,” Ariela told her husband in a video posted to the “90 Day Fiance” Facebook page. “I will never go back to Ethiopia.”

So Are Biniyam & Ariela Still Together Today?

A fan photo from September 23, 2021, confirmed Biniyam and Ariela from “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” are still together today.

A viewer posted a picture to a Facebook page, where she said her niece met the TLC stars in Princeton, New Jersey, on September 22, 2021. “They said they were just visiting,” the fan wrote. “Ari loves Ethiopia.”

The Instagram activity from Ariela and Biniyam also supports that they are still together right now.

The New Jersey native posted a TikTok clip to Instagram Stories where a woman made jokes about her husband playing games instead of helping.

“I know that feeling,” Ariela wrote with laughing emojis.

In a cryptic message shared to Instagram Stories, Ariela talked about people being “complex.”

“What happened to dislike someone’s behavior? Now when we disagree with someone we must hate them. That seems exhausting and downright unrealistic. The truth is people are complex and do good deeds and horrific ones as well,” she wrote on October 31, 2021. “Sometimes all in the same day. We’ve lost the patience for nuance.”

Another hint that “90 Day Fiance” stars are still together is that both Ariela and Biniyam have each other’s Instagram handles in their account bios.

According to ScreenRant, Biniyam even sparked rumors that Ariela was pregnant with their second child after he posted a picture of their son.

“I love you Avi. You make me happy,” he captioned the image.

The post is innocuous enough, but Biniyam also included hashtags that said things like baby girl, baby shower, and baby fever.

“Oooh, why did you put hashtag baby girl???? Are you having another baby??? ❤️❤️❤️,” one person asked.

Biniyam Accused Ariela of Being Jealous

Ariela enjoyed returning home to New Jersey so she could see her parents and siblings, but she was worried about what her husband was doing while she was away.

“It’s been great to be with my family here in the U.S., but it’s been really stressful being so far away from Bini and it’s been really hard on our relationship,” she told cameras in a confessional, according to Entertainment Online.

“You know what I’m always hearing from you? ‘My friends are very important, I need to see my friends, I need to talk to my friends. My friends need this,'” she told Biniyam on the October 25, 2021, episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.” “What about me? I need you, Avi needs you. Your friends are not the most important thing. We are supposed to be the most important thing.”

Ariela clarified to TLC cameras that she doesn’t have anything “against” his friends, but she thought they were a bad influence because they were at different stages in their life.

“My issue is that a lot of them don’t have successful relationships or are not in a relationship,” she said in a confessional. “They don’t have the same values system that I want to impart to my child and to Bini, and I feel like that’s why they don’t take him in a good direction.”

Ariela told Biniyam she felt like she was losing “control” while she was away. “You literally do anything you want, you go out anytime you want, you hang out with your friends, you drink anything you want, you do whatever you want,” she said. “So don’t tell me I’m becoming more boss. If anything, I have no control over the situation at all.”

Ariela then worried her husband might be “hiding” something from her since he was turning his phone off and not answering her calls. “I’ve been so hurt by Bini’s behavior since I’ve been in America,” she said. “Obviously, he’s hiding something.”

Biniyam worried their relationship could be doomed. “I am fearful inside because we don’t have a good relationship,” he told TLC cameras. “I really want Ari to keep her word and return to Ethiopia for me. If she is not happy, I know she will not return. Therefore, the situation scares me.”

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