Christine Brown Defends Protecting ‘My Kids’ Hearts’ As Kody Lashes Out

Christine Brown and Kody Brown

YouTube Christine Brown and Kody Brown of "Sister Wives."

This season of TLC’s “Sister Wives” has been an intense one, and spoilers indicate there is more drama on the way. A new sneak peek for the November 6 episode reveals emotions will run high as Christine Brown prepares to leave Kody Brown and Arizona. Fans have known for some time now that Christine ended her relationship with Kody. The episodes currently airing, however, provide viewers with insight into how difficult and emotional the process became.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kody Brown Feels the Split ‘Delegitimizes’ His Work to See Polygamy Accepted

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The “Sister Wives” preview shared by Today revealed Kody was frustrated and worried about public perception. “We’ve worked so hard begging the public to accept our marriage, our family,” he points out. “And in a moment, [Christine] decides we’re divorced. And it feels like it delegitimizes everything I’ve worked for, for so long,” he continued.

The same “Sister Wives” sneak peek showed Christine’s take as she detailed her worries and priorities. She noted she always planned to be open, publicly, about leaving Kody. By committing to that, though, she worried some people might think she was a fraud and liar. Even with those worries, Christine felt she no longer could stay with Kody. “I know without a doubt I have tried for years to make this work. I have a clean conscience knowing that I gave it my best,” she explained. For the “Sister Wives” star, “Being a mom is my most important thing,” and Christine determined she could no longer “with a clear conscience stay married to someone who had favorites and made it very known and someone who was breaking my kids’ hearts.”

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Have Christine’s Back

Christine got emotional in the sneak peek as she declared, “I needed to stand with [my children] instead” of staying with Kody, and “I wanted to do it for them.” Fans of “Sister Wives” had plenty to say about this preview and the conflict between Kody and Christine. On Reddit, commenters were overwhelmingly on Christine’s side.

“But when you choose to alienate your entire family for the youngest wife and new children, YOU failed. Not the woman who left your sorry excuse of a husband and father,” one Redditor wrote regarding Kody.

“I need to applaud Christine and cry with her, she’s handling this with so much dignity, love and respect. I’m so glad the kids are supporting her,” noted another commenter.

“I don’t think a lot of us realize the actual strength it took to walk away from all you have ever known and doing so in the public eye where you really don’t know how it will be perceived. I am so glad she found that strength and left,” added someone else.

“He just doesn’t get it, does he? If he’d been a decent husband to ALL of his wives, and a better father, people might actually have seen polygamy as a viable lifestyle. He has no one but himself to blame,” suggested another “Sister Wives” fan.

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Jo Worden
Jo Worden
2 months ago

Kody feels like it delegitimizes everything he worked for, for so long. Seriously Kody give your head a shake. What could delegitimize your polygamy lifestyle more than divorcing your only legitimate wife to marry a divorcee and cut ties with your 1st wife? Then tell your 3rd wife that you no longer wish to have an intimate relationship with her, and you can’t understand why she wouldn’t stick around.

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