90DF: Are Ellie Rose & Victor From Providencia Still Together?

Ellie Victor

TLC "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" stars Ellie Rose and Victor McLean started dating after the U.S. traveler visited Providencia, Colombia, on vacation.

“90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” stars Ellie Rose and Victor McLean started dating after the U.S. traveler visited Providencia — a small island off the coast of Colombia — on vacation.

Though she learned McLean cheated on her while they were living in different countries, the Seattle resident sold her restaurant to move to Providencia. Just as she was getting ready to be with McLean, a category 5 hurricane devastated the island. With McLean and Rose’s plans upended, the Seattle native put off talking about McLean’s infidelity.

But on the October 17, 2021, episode of season three, Rose was ready to confront her Colombian beau, according to a sneak peek shared by TLC’s Facebook page for “90 Day Fiance.”

“Something we need to talk about a little bit: Originally… one of the things I immediately wanted to talk about was the whole cheating incident and then, of course, with the hurricane it went on the backburner,” Rose told her boyfriend. “We only talked about it on the phone we never talked about it in person.”

“You actually moved in with this person. You guys were talking about having kids — at least that’s what she said,” she continued. “You have to explain this to me a little bit.”

McLean claimed the relationship with the other woman wasn’t “serious” and he didn’t “mean” anything he told her.

“It was during the quarantine and I didn’t even mean more of the things we were talking about,” McLean explained. “I know that, that affair business is going to come up. I understand that I f***** up and hurt people’s feelings and it’s really hard to get over but it wasn’t anything serious.”

Are Rose & McLean Still Together

It’s possible Rose and McLean are still together. Rose created a GoFundMe account to help McLean after the hurricane, where she refers to him as “her love.” The link to the page remains in her Instagram bio.

“My love, Victor, his family, and 5,000 other amazing people call this island home. For two excruciatingly long days I did not know if they were dead or alive,” the post from November 2020 says. “Today we learned that while almost all of the infrastructure is destroyed, everyone survived!! My prayers are with the 2 (reported) who lost their lives.”

Rose shared an update on September 2, 2021.

Almost a year after the hurricane people in Providencia could still use some help. Luckily Victor’s mom’s house is almost finished, but there are still thousands of people waiting to fix or rebuild their houses and with another hurricane season coming they need shelter. There are still some people living in tents. Any help would be appreciated.

Since the fundraiser was created nearly one year ago, it has raised $6,795 from 58 donars. Rose created a goal of $10,000.

Rose Was Spotted in Seatlle Without McLean

While it wasn’t immediately clear if Rose and McLean were still dating, fans on Reddit noticed Rose was back in Seattle working at her old restaurant, Central Pizza.

Some fans took that as proof that McLean and Rose were no longer together.

“Good for her. That guy is NOT worth it,” one of the most popular comments said.

Other fans weren’t convinced that Rose was serious about leaving her life in Seattle behind for Providencia. “And she had built such a great life, successful business, good friends. I don’t think she was ever actually moving there I think we’re being fooled haha,” they wrote.

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