The Real Story About ‘Extreme Sisters’ Anna & Lucy DeCinque

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TLC "Extreme Sisters" Anna and Lucy DeCinque claim to be the world's "most identical twins."

“Extreme Sisters” Anna and Lucy DeCinque claim to be the world’s “most identical twins,” but looking exactly the same isn’t enough for them. Anna and Lucy, who hail from Australia, have shared the same boyfriend Ben Byrne for 10 years. But the girls want from their relationship with Ben. Not only do they both want to marry him, but they also want to get pregnant at the same time.

Leading up to the June 13 episode of “Extreme Sisters,” one of TLC’s newest reality shows, Ben appeared to ditch Lucy and Anna at a coffee date. He previously expressed concern over getting married, saying the fact that he had been with the girls for so many years was commitment enough.

TLC teased that something is supposed to go down on Sunday’s episode, saying the girls will learn Ben’s “true feelings” about their relationship.

Based on social media, it’s unclear if Lucy and Anna are still dating Ben. When Ben does make an appearance on their page, it’s because he was included in a promo for “Extreme Sisters.” The rest of their pictures are of Lucy and Anna wearing matching outfits. Ben’s Instagram page is currently set to private.

Lucy ‘Died’ While Undergoing Cryotherapy

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While “Extreme Sisters” is focusing on Lucy and Anna attempting to grow their family, there is something some fans of the show might not know about the twins. T

They have their own YouTube channel, where they explained that Lucy died for a minute while she was deprived of oxygen during a cryotherapy treatment, an anti-aging treatment that uses liquid nitrogen to create extremely cold temperatures. The idea of the therapy is to tighten the skin.

The procedure takes two to three minutes.

The twin had undergone a cryotherapy treatment before and things went well, but the second time around the girls had a bad feeling.

“I’ve never gotten over this,” Anna said, per the New York Post. “I remember seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious.”

Lucy & Anna Appeared on ‘Botched’

Identical Twins Mad Over 'Unidentical' Boobs! | Botched | E!Lucy and Anna DeCinque are the same in every way–except one! Find out why these identical twins need big help on "Botched". #Botched #EEntertainment #TerryDubrow SUBSCRIBE: About Botched: “Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will…2016-06-17T17:00:00Z

While TLC audiences might be meeting Lucy and Anna for the first time on “Extreme Sisters,” the girls are no strangers to reality TV. They previously appeared on E!’s “Botched” in 2016 to talk about their breast implants.

After getting their surgery done, they realized they no longer looked the same after surgery. They wanted Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to help them get identical breasts.

“Growing up we were flat-chested, A, completely nothing,” the twins shared in a preview for the episode, per Cheatsheet. 

“So we found our plastic surgeon through the yellow pages, we didn’t really research, which we should’ve. We just wanted breasts,” they coninued. “Waking up from surgery we looked at our breasts and were like, ‘I just don’t think they’re identical.’”

Lucy and Anna made it clear how much they like to be the same. They wear the same thing, eat the same things and also make sure they have the same quantity. When they go to a restaurant, they ask the server to make their food identical and altered their drinks to make sure they were the same amount before they would drink them.

To see what happens next, don’t miss “Extreme Sisters” when it airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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