Hannah Gosselin Hasn’t Seen Her Mom, Siblings in a Year

Hannah Gosselin.

Hannah Gosselin/Instagram Hannah Gosselin doesn't speak to her mom.

Hannah Gosselin is all grown up.

One of the stars of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Hannah Gosselin is almost 18-years-old, and she’s preparing to go to college. Hannah and her brother Collin have been living in Pennsylvania with their dad, apart from the rest of their siblings. According to Hollywood Life, Jon has had custody of the two kids since 2018.

In March 2021, Jon’s ex-wife Kate Gosselin moved out of Pennsylvania with her brood. They relocated to North Carolina, according to InTouch. The eldest Gosselin kids, Cara and Mady, both go to school in New York, but stay in North Carolina with their mom whenever they are on break.

In a report published on April 4, 2022, a source told Us Weekly that Hannah doesn’t have any kind of relationship with her mom or her other siblings. Despite the outlet quoting an anonymous source, Jon re-shared the post on his Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hannah Wishes She Could See Her Bothers & Sisters More

Since Kate moved her family out of state, it has become increasingly hard for Hannah to see her siblings. While she does see Collin because he also lives with Jon, it’s been about a year since she’s seen Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Mady, and Cara, a source told The Sun.

Another reason it’s been hard for Hannah to take a trip to visit her family is because her mom has blocked that from happening, the source told Us Weekly.

“Hannah loves her brothers and sisters,” the source explained. “She would love to spend time with them. It just hasn’t been possible… It is sad. She does hope that at one point she can see her brothers and sisters. They were all very, very close and her leaving to go live with Jon had absolutely nothing to do with her brothers and sisters. She loves them to death,” the source continued.

“She’s definitely spent a lot of time making sure the kids don’t spend time together because she’s really upset Hannah chose to live with Jon. She doesn’t really speak to her mom much,” the source added.

Hannah Wants to Go to College in Florida

Hannah has grown incredibly close to her dad, and he sometimes shares photos of the two of them on Instagram. In March 2022, Hannah and Jon took a trip to Miami together, and enjoyed some father-daughter fun in the sun — and maybe for something even more exciting.

“Hannah has been talking nonstop about getting out of rural Pennsylvania and going to college in Florida. Hannah was even considering graduating early because she wants to start taking college courses and majoring in business,” a source told The Sun in March 2022. Jon previously shared the article on his Instagram feed.

“[Hannah] was approached by a company that has given her a huge opportunity and she is over the moon about it. She can’t wait to tell her friends and announce it to the world. She and Jon flew down to Florida for a photoshoot and to settle details on her new business endeavor,” the insider continued.

Less is known about Collin, who stays completely out of the spotlight. It’s extremely rare for Jon to share updates on him; the last time Collin appeared on his dad’s Instagram was in August 2021.

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