Isabel Roloff Reveals ‘Trauma’ Ahead of Baby’s Arrival

Isabel Roloff


Isabel Roloff, the wife of former “Little People, Big World” star Jacob Roloff, shared an emotional update on her pregnancy. In a now-deleted October 5 Instagram post, she let her followers know that she’s been struggling with negative feelings as she prepares to become a first-time mother.

Both Isabel and Audrey Roloff, the wife of Jacob’s brother Jeremy, have decided against having their current pregnancy journeys filmed for the Roloff family’s TLC reality series. However, they’ve both been using social media to chronicle them. Audrey Roloff announced that she was expecting in a July 3 Instagram post, and Isabel shared her baby news just weeks later on July 20. She revealed that her due date is in December and that she’s having a little boy. Isabel wrote that she was “elated,” but now she’s becoming anxious and worried as her due date draws closer.

Here’s what you need to know:

Isabel Fears That Her Pregnancy Is ‘Too Good to Be True’

“‘What if this is too good to be true?’ That question has swirled around in my brain more times than I’d like to admit,” Isabel wrote. “Especially now being in the 3rd trimester.” She revealed that she feels “overjoyed” about her pregnancy most of the time and can’t wait to finally meet her baby. However, she’s been plagued by nagging concerns about something possibly going wrong. “I am not sure if it’s just my trauma talking,” she continued.” “Recognizing how fragile it all is, because I’ve witnessed that firsthand many times. Our ultrasounds always show that he is healthy.”

Isabel didn’t elaborate on the experiences that have left her feeling so apprehensive. However, her sister-in-law Tori Roloff suffered a miscarriage in March. Months later, Isabel defended herself when one of her Instagram followers posed the question, “Tell me how you can post so much about your pregnancy when someone close to you can’t?” As reported by The Sun, Isabel revealed that she’d received numerous other messages in the same vein, but they weren’t going to prevent her from celebrating her pregnancy on social media. “Y’all have to stop. This is my first pregnancy. It’s special and I want to talk about it,” she wrote. “Please allow me that right without assuming I’d want to hurt ANYONE. That’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.”

While Isabel’s deleted post about her pregnancy was filled with angst and worry, she ended it on a positive note. “Once I hold him in my arms, so many of those worries will simply fade away,” she wrote. She later replaced it with a post that included this caption: “‘What if this is too good to be true?’ Of course, what if it isn’t?”

Jacob Roloff Helped His Dad on the Opening Day of Pumpkin Season

The Roloffs celebrated the first day of pumpkin season on October 1 by opening their family farm to the public, and Matt Roloff’s Instagram followers were thrilled when he shared a photo of Jacob joining him to help with the festivities. “Great to see Jacob by your side,” read one response to his post. “It’s so heartwarming to see you with Jacob,” wrote another fan.

When the Roloffs are filming, it’s rare for fans to see Jacob with them because he decided to leave “Little People, Big World” years ago. In a 2020 Instagram post, he alleged that he was molested by one of the show’s producers and slammed “the entire enterprise of reality television.” He has remained active on social media since his exit from the show, and although he shares a lot with his followers, he still wants them to respect his privacy and that of his family. In the comments section of one of his posts, he let them know that he and Isabel will not be sharing photos of their son online after he’s born.

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