Fans Think Meri Brown’s Cryptic Photo Hints at Another Family Shake-Up

Meri Brown

TLC Meri Brown posted a cryptic photo on Instagram.

Fans of “Sister Wives” have theories about what Meri Brown’s new Instagram Photo and caption means for the Brown family.

Here’s what you need to know:

Meri Brown Teases ‘Much More to the Story’ Ahead of ‘Sister Wives” Season Premiere

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, Meri posted a photo of herself with a book and the caption, “There’s so much more to the story…. #Ready”

Fans immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding band and wondered if she might have left Kody Brown.

“Like finding a new husband that actually loves and respects you?!?!” a fan asked of the Instagram tease.

“oh my … this is exciting!” a fruend wrote.

“WAIT!!! You’re in Utah??? Did you finally leave!!!!!???” someone else said.

“Pleeeaaassseeee tell us you left Kody!!!!” someone wrote.

“You left Kody?” a fan asked.

“No ring ???? Hummm,” someone pointed out.

“The story is don’t marry a polygamist,” another person said.

“Turning the page? Whatever it is I’m so exited for you,” a fan wrote.

“Oohhhh I hope you left Kody!!!! You deserve someone who loves you!!” someone said.

“Why do you stay where you’re not wanted,” a fan asked. ‘The relationship didn’t work anymore, you’ve moved on in so many ways, keep moving! Life is too damn short!”

“I pray you have left and are starting over. You deserve so much more,” someone wrote.

Fans have been watching the family for hints of cracking after Christine Brown announced she was leaving Kody in November 2021.

The show returns on September 11 and will heavily feature the days before and after Christine made her announcement.

“I feel like to Kody, Robyn’s more important,” Christine said in her confessional on the trailer for the show.

Meri was also featured in the trailer, crying.

“I felt like Christine was more than a sister wife, I felt like she was a friend for a lot of years,” she said.

Christine Brown Reveals She Wants to Date Again Someday: ‘I Want a Guy Who Actually Loves Me’

“I would love to date,” Christine told People in August. “Love the idea of the end having a romantic partner. But I talked to Truely about it the other day and she’s like, ‘Mom, I really like our life how it is now.’ Down the road. I’m just going to let fate take care of that one.”

Christine, who ultimately left Kody when he told her he would remain married but not intimate with her, admitted that she needed a particular kind of man.

“I started thinking maybe this isn’t working for me,” Christine said of a revelation she began feeling as early as 2018. “And then I stopped believing in polygamy. I realized I didn’t really want to live it anymore. I didn’t like sharing a husband or feeling like I wasn’t important.”

She says she knows the style of relationship she hopes to have next.

“I want a guy who actually loves me and wants to be with me intimately,” Christine told the outlet. “I will be a monogamist from here on out.”

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