PHOTOS: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown Welcomes Twins & Reveals Their Names

Mykelti Brown

YouTube Mykelti Brown talks "Sister Wives."

Fans of TLC’s “Sister Wives” have been eagerly awaiting big news from Mykelti Brown Padron, and it has finally come. The daughter of Kody Brown and his third wife, Christine Brown, was expecting twins and recent social media updates revealed she was more than ready to deliver. Now, she has.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mykelti Brown Introduced the Boys to the World

In an October 29 Instagram post, Mykelti shared that both of her twin boys were weighing more than 5 pounds, “which is above average for their current stage.” The “Sister Wives” star admitted, “I’m really uncomfortable and don’t sleep well,” and at that point, she could have delivered anywhere from that day until three weeks from then. After that post, Mykelti went fairly quiet on social media, posting only one video of her daughter Avalon after her baby bump update. “Sister Wives” fans were eager to see she had delivered the boys safely, and the news finally came on November 22.

“Introducing Archer Banks & Ace McCord,” Mykelti shared on Instagram, and the couple shared additional details via People. Archer and Ace Padron arrived on November 17, at 10:54 a.m. and 10:56 a.m. The boys weighed 6.15 and 6.8 pounds, and they were both 19 inches long. “I’m so happy my boys are finally here and we’re all doing well,” the “Sister Wives” star told the media outlet. Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, added, “I’m glad my sons have finally come to play.”

The ‘Sister Wives’ Star Received Plenty of Support

News of Archer and Ace’s arrival quickly generated a lot of love on Reddit among various “Sister Wives” subs. A photo of Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown, holding the twins was a hit, and there was a photo of Robyn Brown holding the babies too. In fact, the photo with Robyn appeared to have been taken at the hospital soon after the boys’ birth. “Sister Wives” fans tend to have strong opinions when it comes to Robyn, and they had plenty to say about seeing her holding the babies at the hospital.

“Why does Robyn have a picture looking like she’s the mom…” questioned one Redditor.

“She actually looks happy,” added another show fan of the photo with Robyn.

“Wow! They are so beautiful and look so healthy. Props to her. And all the adults look happy which means they could put aside any drama for the babies which makes me even happier for Mykelti!” someone else gushed.

Mykelti Padron introducing twins Archer and AceMykelti Padron from sister wives2022-11-22T20:02:14Z

“Finally! Every week in the social media posts updates, I kept thinking ‘poor Mykelti, those babies are taking their sweet time'” detailed another fan.

“Both twins were over 6 pounds! I am both happy for Mykelti and at the same time WOW OMG that poor woman! But in all seriousness – congratulations to the parents!” added someone else.

“While Avalon takes after Tony, you can tell the boys will take after Mykelti. So adorable,” noted a different Redditor.

Quite a few “Sister Wives” fans wondered if Kody Brown had made the trip from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Utah to meet the babies as Robyn did. So far, however, the photos that have been released would suggest he did not. Most fans loved how happy Christine looked holding her grandbabies, and everybody will be eager to see more as the expanded family gets settled in at home.

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