‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Hints at Trauma in Breakup Post

Ashley Snowden

TLC It's over for the "Seeking Sister Wife" stars.

It’s over for “Seeking Sister Wife” stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. While Snowden patriarch wiped his Instagram clean of all posts, Ashley Snowden took to the social media platform on July 14 to announce “her truth.”

The TLC personality posted a lengthy statement that alluded to trauma and requested that her followers not inquire further about what happened or why she and Dimitri Snowden were splitting.

“My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life,” Ashley Snowden wrote. “With that said, I’d like to share some tips that may make this world a kinder place for everyone, especially people who are experiencing trauma.”

It didn’t seem like the mother-of-three was ready to divulge any intimate details about their breakup. “Refrain from asking personal questions of people you don’t know, personally,” she wrote. “If someone hasn’t shared personal info, chances are they don’t want to talk about it yet, or ever.”

“…You have no idea how hard they may be trying to survive,” the “Seeking Sister Wife” star continued. “If you’re genuinely concerned for someone’s well-being, or feel they may be exhibiting abnormal behavior, approach them PRIVATELY or ask someone you know they are close to for help.”

The Snowdens have three children together. They first joined “Seeking Sister Wife” in 2018 when it first premiered on TLC. The show follows families who want to add another person to their polygamous relationship.

The former couple was never legally married, according to TMZ. They had a “spiritual union” and referred to each other as husband and wife on the TLC series.

Dimitri Snowden legally married sister-wife Christeline Petersen — who hails from South Africa — on July 9, 2020. The couple announced their split in January 2021, with Petersen accusing Dimitri Snowden of abuse, TMZ wrote. Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce in May 2021 saying Peterson “abandoned their marriage” and “he doesn’t know her whereabouts,” per the outelt.

Ashley Snowden Wrote That ‘Cyberbullying Is Harmful’

Even though she’s in the public eye, Ashley Snowden said she would not tolerate cyberbullying.

“To the ‘you’re a celebrity so you signed up for this’ crowd: that’s an outdated excuse to harass & insult people you don’t know,” the former Snowden matriarch wrote. “Cyberbullying is harmful.”

“I condemn the slander against me as malicious, and I don’t support the slandering of others, ever,” Ashley Snowden continued. “It’s cool if you don’t like me, that’s life. However, there’s power in redirecting energy to things you do like.”

At the end of her post, the TLC personality — who was with Dimitri Snowden for more than 10 years, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup — said that she just wanted people “to be kind.”

She finished: “My love to everyone, especially those growing through some heavy things.”

Fans on Reddit Wanted More Details

Although Ashley Snowden didn’t provide many details in her Instagram post, viewers on Reddit suspected there was much more to the story.

“Oh.. well this just gets more interesting!! Something sinister going on with those people,” one fan wrote.

“I don’t feel sorry for Ashley. She is reaping what she sowed. Can’t help but wonder what was the catalyst,” another added.

Others were concerned about the children. “I wish her healing and growth away from her own toxicity. And I wish the best of the best for the Snowden children—they’re the innocent ones,” they said.  “And I wish Dimitri all that he deserves.”

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