‘Sister Wives’ Family Member Dishes Out Tea, Hints Kody & Janelle Brown Have Split

Kody Brown and his wives of 'Sister Wives'

Getty Kody Brown and his wives of 'Sister Wives' attend an event.

The episodes of “Sister Wives” that are currently airing on TLC filmed some time ago, and fans are eager to find out what has happened since then. As Christine Brown’s decision to leave Kody Brown plays out on television screens, some viewers wonder if Janelle Brown may have already made a similar decision. Now one family member is opening up about some of the chaos going on behind the scenes, and she has touched on questions regarding Janelle and Kody.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gwendlyn Brown Is Ready to Share Details from the Inside

Gwendlyn Brown is one of Christine Brown’s six children with Kody Brown. As Us Weekly noted, Gwen was born in October 2001 and is the fourth of Christine and Kody’s children. She was a young child when the TLC show started filming, but now she’s an adult and has been sharing more about herself and her life recently via social media. Her latest move was to start a subscription-based Patreon page, and “Sister Wives” stars went wild over the opportunity to hear directly from her. She noted there that she’s providing “an honest reaction to a publicized life,” and within just a few days, she had nearly 3,000 subscribers.

“Of all the brown children, Gwen prob has the most real take on what’s really up with this fam. Excited to see what she has to say,” one fan shared on Reddit.

“Kody made money off those kids for many years. They were far too young to really consent. So if she wants to make money on K/R and their shared family/personal life. Good for her!!” added another fan.

Gwen Revealed Some Juicy Tidbits Recently


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As Gwen’s Patreon page took off, she and her friend Sarah did a live social media session to answer questions from “Sister Wives” fans. She was willing to dish out a few fun and juicy details, although she was somewhat distracted as she worked on her laptop as her friend fielded questions. At one point, someone asked, “So only Robyn, Meri and Kody are together then?” Gwen answered a simple “Yes,” which prompted “Sister Wives” fans to interpret that as confirming suspicions Janelle, like Christine, had already left Kody.

However, as Sarah started to share another question, Gwen was heard adding to her answer by saying, “Right? I think.” That prompted some “Sister Wives” fans to wonder if either Gwen realized she had said too much, or perhaps does not know the answer to that specific question for certain.

At another point, someone asked why Kody sat with Robyn at a recent family wedding. It was. at the wedding of Janelle and Kody’s son Logan Brown, and Kody sat a few rows back with Robyn rather than up front next to Janelle. When asked why, Gwen quipped, “He sat next to his wife.” Even if there was room for interpretation in Gwen’s answers, many “Sister Wives” fans voiced their hopes Janelle has left.

“It would be such a wonderful thing to see Janelle announcing that she is leaving right after Christine left,” suggested someone on Reddit.

“She never said Janelle left. At all… we are hearing what we want to hear… We surely shouldn’t be going around saying it is confirmation that Janelle has left when that is not what happened at all,” retorted someone who felt people were reading too much into Gwen’s response.

Someone else suggested the wording was vague and carefully chosen “Because she wants to tell us Janelle left without telling us Janelle left. Basically, Janelle left.” Another Redditor noted that Gwen acknowledged in an answer on Patreon that “she honestly wasn’t sure” if Janelle had left. It does not appear Janelle, Kody, or anyone else in the “Sister Wives” family is going to confirm or deny Janelle’s status with Kody right now. Fans certainly are curious, though.

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