The Truth About ‘sMothered’ Stars Angelica & Jason

Jason and Angelica

TLC "sMothered" star Angelica said if Jason's mother didn't give them their blessing, Angelica couldn't marry her child's father.

Viewers of TLC’s “sMothered” got to see a new facet to Angelica and Jason’s relationship. The first two seasons heavily focused on how Angelica’s close relationship with her mother, Sunhe, affected her connection with her partner. But with Angelica and Jason expecting their first child in season three, viewers are learning more about what Jason’s relationship with his own mother looks like.

In the most recent episode, Angelica said if Jason’s mother didn’t give them their blessing, Angelica couldn’t marry her child’s father. It turns out that Jason’s mother is skeptical of Angelica, just the way Sunhe was critical of Jason. So, are Jason and Angelica still together?

It wasn’t immediately clear if Angelica and Jason are still engaged. Based on Angelica’s Instagram account, it doesn’t appear that they went through with their marriage yet. However, Angelica and Sunhe posted a picture of Jason with his baby, Amara, on an April 21 post.

“Daddy and Amara day🏎💨,” the caption read.

The first time viewers met Angelica and Sunhe, they shocked fans when they revealed they shared the same bathwater. Sunhe would take a bath first and when she was finished, Angelica would use the same water to clean herself.

In the first season, Sunhe was extremely critical of Jason and even threatened to break up her daughter’s relationship. After he officially split from his ex-wife and proposed (again) to Angelica, Sunhe began to soften up. Jason revealed in season three that Sunhe had been kinder to him she Angelica revealed her pregnancy.

Angelica Still Has Photos of Jason on Her Social Media Account

There aren’t any new pictures of Jason and Angelica together, but when reality stars break up, they typically removed photos of their ex-partner from their social media pages. Angelica still has photos of Jason on her page, including two posts from fall 2020 where she praised Jason.

“Happy birthday to my main squeeze for life 💍 ‘The cool points are out the window & you got me all twisted up in the game,'” she wrote on November 1, 2020. “😜 Here’s to many more, my old man 👴🏼 I love you, hut-neyyy.”

In October 2020, Angelica penned a special tribute to her fiance. “I wasn’t planning on any kind of relationship when I moved to #LasVegas 🎰 Then I met you💘 We started out as friends then you & I just kind of happened 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 I’m so glad I FINALLY said ‘yes’ after you asked me out for the Nth time,” the TLC star wrote.

“We have a beautiful baby girl 🎀 And now we’re getting married👰🏻🤵🏻Our time together never seems to be long enough because I always want to be with you😚,” she continued. “And now we will be💍 I love you, Jason.”

Fans Support Jason & Angelica’s Relationship

While Sunhe might have been unsure about Jason and Angelica in the beginning, fans like seeing the TLC couple together. The comments under Angelica’s posts about Jason are overwhelmingly positive, with most people saying that they like seeing them in a relationship.

“Congrats yall survived everything and with an adorable baby girl #relationshipgoals,” one person wrote under Angelica’s October 8, 2020 post.

“I just wanted to say I’m super happy for you and Jason and your baby is beyond beautiful,” another wrote.

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