TLC’s Tiffany Franco Accused of Endangering Her Children

Ronald Smith Tiffany Franco

TLC "90 Day Fiance" fans posted several messages to a Reddit forum where they worried about Tiffany Franco's children.

“90 Day Fiance” fans posted several messages to a Reddit forum where they worried about Tiffany Franco’s children.

When the makeup artist was visiting her husband Ronald Smith in South Africa it looked like their children were not properly secured in their seats while driving. Franco’s toddler, Carley Rose, appeared to not be strapped into her car seat and it looked like her oldest son, 10-year-old Daniel, was not wearing a seatbelt.

“Anybody else notice young Daniel driving around South Africa in the back seat without a seat belt on? On their way to the Santa store,” one poster wrote.

“Does this baby not have arm straps on in her car seat…” another asked.

Currently on “90 Day Fiance,” Smith and Franco have been arguing about finances and where they are going to live. While Smith wants Franco and their two children to live with him in South Africa, Franco doesn’t want to leave her life in the U.S. behind. Daniel is also would like to remain in his native country. The problem for Smith is that he has a criminal background and it’s not easy for him to get a visa to the U.S.

Franco Was Accused of Being a Bad Mom

In the comments under the posts, not many people came to Franco’s defense.

“Omg I thought this was a teen mom post,” one person wrote. “FFS what’s wrong with these people, and I include in that production who should f***ing say something so it doesn’t happen more than once.”

“Tiffany is pretty awful in all aspects of parenting it seems,” another added.

Some people argued it might not be customary to buckle children into their seats in other countries.

“Not saying it’s right but I noticed a friend of mine who lives abroad has a similar type car seat for her child. Maybe Tiffany bought the car seat in SA and it’s considered safe there?” they said. “Again, not saying it’s right, I personally brought my son’s car seat with me now that I’m in a different country, but I’m assuming the safety standards are different. They are super different where I’m at and I’m in Europe.”

Franco & Her Husband Might Be Ending Their Marriage

Things between Franco and Smith are strained in the current season of “90 Day Fiance,” but in real life, they seem to be worse. According to Instagram posts, the couple exchanged at the beginning of July 2021, it seems they might be heading toward divorce.

Franco accused Smith of verbally abusing her and shared screenshots from some of their exchanges. “We are not allowed to share how we actually feel on social media but I don’t care staying quiet is allowing it to quietly break you apart,” she wrote, according to Screenrant.

In one of the messages, that she claimed was written by her husband, Smith seemingly told Franco he was “literally nauseous thinking about you” and “You are worthless you are not worth being loved you are useless as a woman.”

Smith posted messages of his own about the situation. “You going to regret it but it’s too late now,” he wrote, according to the outlet. “All I want is my kids I’m done with you.”

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