PHOTO: Tori Roloff Debuts Baby Bump for the First Time

Tori Roloff/Instagram Tori Roloff is pregnant.

Back in November 2021, TLC stars Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff announced that they were expecting their third baby together.

The “Little People, Big World” couple took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, ahead of the Christmas holiday. Along with their two kids, Jackson and Lilah, the Roloffs immersed themselves in history, and seemed to really enjoy their time.

Tori took to her Instagram Stories to share some photos and videos of the family’s adventures throughout their vacation. On December 14, 2021, she shared a post that included a few photos from the trip, including the first picture of her baby bump.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tori Said That She’s Been ‘Feeling Good’ This Pregnancy

Tori is due in the spring of 2022, which suggests that she’s in her second trimester. Many moms tend to start feeling better in their second trimester, and it sounds like Tori is also feeling pretty great. In fact, she hasn’t been as tired as she thought she might be on this trip, and she found herself having a fairly easy time getting around, despite the fact that her belly is growing.

“Standing in actual places with so much history has been such a treat. I feel like middle/high school education was wasted on me. It wasn’t until I was actually here that I felt the weight of what actually happened here,” Tori captioned her Instagram post.

“Walkin’ this bump around has also been easier than I thought and I realized this is the first bump pic I’ve taken this pregnancy! I am just so thankful to be feeling good and that baby is healthy,” she continued.

Tori also revealed that Jackson has been getting into photography and he “wanted to take photos [the] whole trip.” The photo of Tori and Zach in the Instagram post was actually taken by Jackson, who turned 4 back in May.

Tori & Zach Are Waiting to Find Out Their Baby’s Gender

Since they already have one boy and one girl, Tori and Zach have decided to let their baby’s gender be a surprise.

Tori revealed the decision during a Q&A that she posted on her Instagram Stories back in November.

“We’re going to be surprised,” Tori said when asked if she and Zach were planning to do a gender reveal. Another fan asked if Jackson was hoping for a baby brother or a baby sister to which Tori responded, “Jackson says he wants another sister and wants to name her Lilah! At least we know he loves his sis!”

Tori and Zach’s baby news came eight months after they shared the devastating news that Tori had suffered a miscarriage after finding out that she was pregnant earlier this year.

“Everyone says it’s nothing that I did or that we did, it was just this baby wasn’t viable for life, but it’s hard to not wonder what happened on that day or…. But it is common. It happens to more people than you’d think, you just think it’ll never happen to you. Especially after having two full-term babies with zero complications. I think that’s why it just hit us — especially me — so hard,” Tori said on an episode of “Little People, Big World” earlier this year, according to People magazine.

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