Are Tori & Zach Roloff Leaving ‘Little People, Big World’?

Tori and Zach Roloff.

Zach Roloff/Instagram Tori Roloff hints she and Zach Roloff may be leaving LPBW soon.

It sounds like the end of the reality television road might be near for Tori and Zach Roloff. The couple has been a staple on the Roloff family’s reality show “Little People, Big World,” for several years.

TLC came to us about five or six years ago, and so we suddenly realized we were given a great opportunity to educate people about dwarfism. When it was offered that we do a show about our lives, my husband and I were like, ‘Wow, nothing like this has even been on the air.’ Nothing had depicted dwarfism in an everyday way. Lo and behold, a few episodes turned into six seasons,” Amy Roloff told Ability Magazine in 2010.

Zach Roloff joined the show with his family in 2006 and it has been a big part of his life ever since. TLC has documented some of the biggest moments in Zach Roloff’s life, including his wedding and the birth of his three children.

Zach Roloff’s siblings — Molly Roloff, Jacob Roloff, and his twin brother Jeremy Roloff — have all since parted ways with the network. And, after Tori Roloff’s recent Instagram Q&A, fans are realizing that she and her husband may be next.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tori Roloff Said Her Family’s Time on Television Is ‘Definitely Coming to a Close’

Although Tori Roloff and her husband haven’t made any kind of official announcement about their future on “Little People, Big World,” she told fans that her time on the show isn’t going to continue forever.

During a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, a fan asked the mom of three how long she planned “to be on television.” Tori Roloff’s response was very candid.

“I think our time is definitely coming to a close,” Tori Roloff wrote in response. “But we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here,” she added.

Although Tori and Zach Roloff have enjoyed sharing their lives with the world, it hasn’t always been easy for them — especially since having kids.

“It doesn’t bother me as much when they talk about us,” she told Us Weekly in 2021. “But when people talk about our kids, that’s where I kind of go into this whole separate realm of like, ‘This is not OK with me.’ But it’s also not helpful to feed into it. I know what’s right and good. So we just have to, like, continue with that in our own household and stay grounded,” she added.

Things Have Been Tense Between Zach Roloff & His Dad

Fans of the show know that Matt Roloff wanted to sell Roloff Farms and had a discussion with Zach Roloff about having him buy it and take over the family legacy. Although TLC cameras didn’t film the conversation or the negotiations between Zach, his dad, and his dad’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler, things didn’t go as Zach Roloff had hoped.

Zach and Tori Roloff moved to Battle Ground, Washington, almost an hour away from the life they once knew in Oregon. The relationship the couple has with Matt Roloff and his girlfriend still hasn’t gotten back to what it once was.

“There still hasn’t been any recognization from Caryn or my dad, like they still think they did nothing wrong. My dad put her in a situation where it’s like you got into a family business here where it’s going to be different if someone rubs you the wrong way. I hold my dad responsible for that breakdown in the relationship,” Zach Roloff said in the new season of the show, according to an exclusive clip shared in May 2022 by Entertainment Tonight.

The change in family dynamics and the disagreement about the family farm clearly left a bad taste in Tori and Zach Roloff’s mouths, and could be why they’re ready to say goodbye to LPBW for good.

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