‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Defends Olivia Plath

Olivia Plath on "Welcome to Plathville"

YouTube Some "Welcome to Plathville" fans are unhappy about Olivia Plath's behavior.

Olivia Plath has her fair share of critics. Her relationship with her husband Ethan Plath and his family has been one of the major storylines throughout all three seasons of the TLC series “Welcome to Plathville.” The tension between Olivia and Ethan’s parents took its toll on the couple’s marriage, and some viewers don’t think that Olivia is doing a good job handling the situation as she and Ethan try to decide whether they have a future together.

In the “Welcome to Plathville” subreddit, one commenter accused Olivia of “straight up gas lighting” Ethan during the October 5 episode of the show. Another person described her as “toxic” and “a control freak.” Some fans don’t believe that the couple will ever be able to work things out due to her behavior and are calling for her and Ethan to get a divorce. “She married him thinking she could change him,” wrote one Redditor. “That’s not a recipe for a successful marriage. When he didn’t change as quickly as she did, she started checking out.” While some fans might strongly dislike Olivia, one of her co-stars came to her defense after she shared a message for her critics.

Here’s what you need to know:

Moriah Plath Still Supports Olivia

Olivia Plath and Moriah Plath


In an October 8 Instagram post, Olivia addressed those who have been most vocal about their disapproval of her actions. In her plea for them to “be kind,” she wrote, “Public figures are still human beings with complex emotions and need just as much grace as the next person as they deal with real life situations in the public eye.”

During the heart-to-heart that “Welcome to Plathville” fans had such strong feelings about, Ethan told Olivia that he was willing to go to counseling and work through their issues. However, Olivia said that she just wanted to be “friends” for the time being and suggested that they both needed some more time living apart. While their future together remained uncertain on the show, Ethan’s younger sister Moriah Plath let Olivia know that she was still there for her by responding to her Instagram post.

“It’s kinda really insane to me how many people would never say something to someone’s face but they’ll say it on social media cause they can’t get punched through a phone,” Moriah wrote. “Just think ‘do their choices effect me? No? Okay I’ll just let them do their thing then!’ Lol. You got this and you have every right to make the choices you see best for you at the time! Love you sis!”

Ethan also liked Olivia’s post.

Ethan Shares His Plans for His Future With Olivia

On “Welcome to Plathville,” viewers learned that Ethan was ready to move away from his hometown of Cairo, Georgia. According to The Sun, he and Olivia sold their house for $150,000 in September.

Popculture shared a sneak peek of the October 12 episode of the show that featured Ethan speaking about his hopes for his future with his wife. “I feel like there’s a period of a few years coming up in front of us that it would be … ideal for us to be able to just move around and experience different things and make some cool memories before we settle down and actually have kids,” he said. Some of Olivia’s social media posts seemed to suggest that she and Ethan were back together after they completed filming season 3, so he could get his wish.

“Welcome to Plathville” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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Cherie Parker
Cherie Parker
3 months ago

I do believe Olivia did make Moriah choose. I also believe she acted very unprofessionally. She didn’t have to speak to them. She didn’t even have to look at them. All she had to do was play music. What if she were photographing someone’s wedding and Barry and Kim were at the reception. Is she going to tell her client she has to leave? Not if she wants to keep her business. She should have taken the “high road”. Just for the record, I do understand why she doesn’t want to be around Barry and Kim. They were very insulting. I also think Kim was wrong for showing up, when Moriah specifically asked her not to.

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