Whitney Thore Reacts to Chase Severino Getting Engaged

Chase Severino Whitney Way Thore

TLC "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Way Thore wasn't surprised to hear that ex-fiance Chase Severino was engaged.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore wasn’t surprised to hear that ex-fiance Chase Severino was engaged, but the news was still “painful” for her to hear, according to a sneak peek clip of the October 6 episode obtained by People.

In the previous episode, Severino had asked to meet with Thore for drinks. Some of her friends — including Buddy Bell — balked at the idea, but Thore had already moved on with another man.

After making small talk, Severino slipped in that his future brother-in-law proposed days after he did. “He’s trying to take my thunder,” he told Thore, indirectly relaying news about his own engagement.

Thore, 37, was stunned and had to ask her ex if he indeed was betrothed as well. “That’s nice,” she whispered. “That sounded really weird, I just heard myself say that, but no really, congratulations.”

Thore and Severino split in May 2020 after the TLC reality star discovered that her partner’s infidelity resulted in a child, who is now 1-year-old. Severino was pleased he and Thore could be cordial with each other, but the body-positive activist was hurt.

Thore and Severino started dating shortly after they met on New Year’s Eve 2018. They dated for several months, with Severino proposing to Thore at the Eiffel Tower. The couple began to bicker about what type of wedding they would have and where they would live. They started 2020 on uneasy ground and didn’t quarantine together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Servino’s Second Engagement Was Hard for Thore

Hearing about the engagement was tough for Thore, even though she expected Severino to propose to the woman he cheated on her with.

“It’s hard not to compare yourself and think, ah, I wish things had happened for me that quickly,” she told TLC cameras in a confessional. “But I know we’re all on our own timelines.”

“I definitely never expected that this would be so painful to hear,” she continued. “It’s crazy to think that within a year, someone that I used to be in a relationship with is now a father and is engaged, and I’m still single with no children, obviously, and I don’t even know like, what is going on with my love life. I don’t know where things are with the French man and me.”

Thore has been dating her French tutor “turned suitor,” but they took a break because he was afraid of going public with their relationship. Thore only refers to him as “the French man” to keep his identity private.

Severino Proposed to His Second Fiance the ‘Exact Same Way’

It turns out that Severino isn’t original when it comes to proposals. He used the same method to propose to his daughter’s mother as he did when he asked Thore to be his wife.

Severino explained to Thore they were at a waterfall in Jamaica when he asked his future wife to take a picture with him.

“Wait, so you proposed to her in the exact same way you proposed to me,” Thore interrupted him with a smile.

Severino was caught off guard at first. Yeah. I’m a one-trick pony I guess,” he said after realizing what he had done.

Her own feelings aside, Thore was glad to hear her ex was doing well. “I’m teasing Chase about recycling proposal ideas, but the news of an engagement is not very surprising,” she said, per People. “I am happy for him and I wish him the best. I just assumed that this would happen sooner or later.”

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