Is Whitney Way Thore Engaged Again?

Whitney Way Thore

TLC "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Way Thore showed off a new diamond ring.

Rumors swirled that Whitney Way Thore from TLC’s hit show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” was engaged again after she posted a picture of her hand where a diamond was spotted on her left ring finger. While fans quickly noticed the jewel that typically signals marriage, Thore didn’t immediately respond to the speculation.

In her most recent Instagram post, Thore only used emojis to caption the images taken at Luxembourg Gardens. The ring in question appears in the third post.

If she is engaged, this would be Thore’s second engagement. She previously accepted a proposal from ex-fiance Chase Severino, who asked Thore to be his wife during a trip to Paris in October 2019.

Interestingly, Thore has been on a “sabbatical” in Paris, which is where her new romantic interest is from. In a post from last month, Thore, 37, announced that her new boyfriend wants to keep his identity private. When she’s posted pictures of them together, she’s hidden his face with blacked-out circles.

“I’ve always had a sorta love/mostly hate relationship with social media, but after the last year, it’s grown even more complicated,” she wrote on July 21. “So — when your French man says he values his privacy but you still wanna share him, this is what social media gets 😂.”

Fans Were Dubious About a Second Engagement

While it certainly appeared to some people that Thore was engaged to her secret love interest, others accused her of drumming up attention for the new season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” which airs August 17 on TLC.

“Whit dropping that ring photo…. Engaged or drawing up interest for the show?” a Reddit user asked the “Big Fat Fab Life” community.

“I took it as a ‘holding hands with my boo’ picture not an engagement. The jewelry seems coordinated,” one person wrote.

“She’s probably not engaged but she 100% knows what she’s doing by posting this photo with a ring on her left ring finger,” another said.

Thore Didn’t Want to Publicly Announce the End of Her First Engagement

If it was up to Thore, she wouldn’t have issued a statement about the demise of her relationship with Severino. But since his affair resulted in a pregnancy, Thore knew a baby wasn’t something she could hide.

“It wasn’t something I’d been sitting with for months and months, but once I saw rumors about our relationship — after I finally deleted our photos on Instagram, for example — I knew I just wanted to get it over with and announce it so I could fully start to move on,” Thore told People in June 2020, a month after she confirmed her split from Severino.

“It’s a difficult thing to navigate — honestly, I would have rather not said it, just to avoid the inevitable backlash and gossip, but at the same time, people in their lives already knew of course and a baby isn’t something that can remain private in the future,” the body-positive activist continued. “I definitely didn’t want it to look like I wasn’t aware of the full situation, but at the same time, I truly just don’t want the drama and the gossip.”

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