Fans Seemingly Uncover Video of Whitney Thore’s Boyfriend

Whitney Way Thore

MTV Who is Whitney Way Thore's mysterious "Frenchman" boyfriend? Fans think they have the answer.

Fans of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore claim to have found the identity of her French boyfriend. The TLC star previously said her new beau wanted to keep his identity hidden –with her calling him the “Frenchman” as an alias — but viewers took to Reddit to share videos of the man they think is dating Thore.

There are multiple threads on Reddit about the Frenchman’s identity, with it becoming one of the hottest topics on the “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” subreddit. According to what fans found, he uploaded various videos that showed him rapping in French. Once people started to uncover this person’s identity and connect him to Thore, the pages became private — but not before the clips were downloaded.

So how did fans find out the Frenchman’s identity? Apparently, TLC made an editing mistake where his first name was included during a FaceTime call. That sent viewers down an internet rabbit hole. It’s still unclear if the person they uncovered is Thore’s boyfriend.

The TLC star hasn’t confirmed his identity and the Frenchman has remained silent.

Thore & the ‘Frenchman’ Talked About Marriage

In one of their first FaceTime dates, Thore opened up to her French tutor “turned suitor” about possibly getting married so they could see each other during the pandemic. His face was blurred out so viewers could not see what he looked like.

The scene was likely filmed in May 2021, with Thore telling TLC cameras it had been a year since she and ex-fiance Chase Severino split.

“I can’t come into France I already looked,” Thore told her beau. “I was looking on your consulate website it said they were making exceptions for married couples to reunited.”

“Oh, so we have to get married or something?” he asked.

Thore was caught off guard by the question: “Do you want to get married? Is that what you’re saying?”

A proposal wasn’t what he meant. “I mean I think this is going a bit too fast, and I don’t think that Babs would approve, right?” he said.

Thore contended that her parents — Babs and Glenn Thore — were be thrilled to see her tie the knot.

“I think Babs would totally approve,” she said. “I think Babs would like me to get married as soon as [possible]. They’re really trying to marry me off… They’re like, maybe you should lose some weight and find a man.”

Thore Opened Up About Weight Loss Surgery

After Thore’s engagement to Severino ended, she considered getting weight loss surgery. After the Frenchman found out Thore’s parents were critical of her weight, he told her she should only go through with the procedure if it was something she truly wanted for herself.

“I mean, look at you. I have trouble understanding how you can’t find a decent person to care about you,” she said.

Thore revealed she rather find someone who “appreciated” everything she has to offer.

“But I’m starting to wonder if that’s not gonna happen, I guess. I’ve been thinking about weight loss surgery,” she said. “When my last relationship ended I started thinking about it…. I feel like it could make my life easier in a lot of ways.”

The Frenchman wasn’t convinced surgery would solve Thore’s dating woes.

“If you want to do it for you and you’re really sure, just go [do it]. Don’t do it expecting anything from anybody else,” he said. “What I’m trying to say basically is that you’re already perfectly well the way you are.”

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Connie Montague
Connie Montague
7 months ago

why the hell does this frenchman living in france speak fluent english with NO accent??????????

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