Is Whitney Way Thore Still Dating the ‘Frenchman’ Today?

Whitney Way Thore

TLC "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Way Thore responded to fan questions about dating the elusive "Frenchman," whose name and identity have been kept hidden from the public.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore responded to fan questions about dating the elusive “Frenchman,” whose name and identity have been kept hidden from the public.

I feel like something always goes wrong for Whitney in the love department,” her friend Tal Fish tells Heather Sykes on TLC’s Facebook preview for the October 26, 2021, episode of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.”

His prediction didn’t seem off. The next time cameras showed Thore, tears were streaming down her face. “It feels like a bad joke,” she says. “I love him. I really love him.”

So are Thore and the ‘Frenchman’ still together today? Her friends and family — notably her brother, Hunter, and best friend Todd Beasley — might have been skeptical about the long-distance relationship, but according to Thore, they are still an item.

She answered a series of questions from fans during a Q+A session on Instagram. She was specifically talking about her life before reality TV, but when a question about her French beau came up, she didn’t scroll past it.

“Are you still with the Frenchman,” a fan asked. “YES,” she responded in all caps. The TLC star didn’t elaborate further.

Thore Couldn’t Meet Her Boyfriend Because of COVID Restrictions

In a teaser shared by People, Thore revealed the reason why her “happiness was being ripped” away was that he wasn’t allowed in the country due to restrictions related to COVID-19.

Thore, 37, was on vacation in Maine with her friends and family and the only time she would be able to meet her online French tutor turned suitor would be during the trip. She invited him to come and he agreed. Things went south when the Frenchman first said as a “joke” that it wasn’t going to work out, and then continued to go that way when he wasn’t actually allowed into the U.S.

“I just feel like my chance at happiness just got ripped away from me,” Thore says through tears. “I wish it was something that I did, but it’s not my fault, it’s not his fault. It’s just circumstance.”

“I feel like I’ve been through so much s*** lately,” she continues. “I’m just like, why can’t I just have this? Just to meet him? Don’t I deserve to have it, just at least for a second?”

Thore split from her fiance Chase Severino in May 2020 after he had an affair that resulted in a child.

Thore Announced Her Relationship With the ‘Frenchman’ Ahead of the New Season

Though the “Frenchman” wants to keep his identity under wraps, Thore shares a series of photos of them together by blurring out his face.

“I’ve always had a sorta love/mostly hate relationship with social media, but after the last year, it’s grown even more complicated,” she wrote on July 21. “So — when your Frenchman says he values his privacy but you still wanna share him, this is what social media gets.”

The following month, she referred to their relationship as a “blur” and blasted fans who accused the “Frenchman” of being embarrassed by her.

“The number of comments and DMs and tweets I’ve gotten from viewers assuring me that this man is embarrassed of me and does not care about me is confusing,” she said. “There’s a big difference between being in public with someone versus choosing to put your identity on display on the internet and TV for people to rip apart.”

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7 months ago

I would love to see Whitney find someone who loves her unconditionally! If it’s the Frenchman, that’s great! She deserves someone that loves her and treats her right.

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