Are Reality TV Stars Yara & Jovi Dufren Still Together?

Yara Jovi

TLC The relationship between Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren from "90 Day Fiance" has changed since their daughter Mylah was born.

The relationship between Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren from “90 Day Fiance” has changed since their daughter Mylah was born. When Dufren first met the Ukrainian native, she was a party girl who loved to drink and stay out late.

But since the arrival of their baby girl, Zaya is focused on being a full-time mother. The change in Zaya’s demeanor has frustrated Dufren, who misses the person his wife was when they were girlfriend or boyfriend — as he revealed on the July 25 episode of “90 Day Fiance.”

Fans first met Zaya and Dufren during season eight of “90 Day Fiance.” Zaya came to the U.S. on the K-1 visa and found out she was pregnant shortly after arriving in New Orleans. The couple said their nuptials in Las Vegas while Zaya was pregnant, though some of Dufren’s weren’t convinced that the marriage would last.

At first, Zaya didn’t want any of Dufren’s family or friends to come to the wedding since her family wouldn’t be able to attend, but eventually, she relented.

Are Zaya & Dufren Still Together?

Despite there being some bumps in their relationship, it appears that Zaya and Dufren are still together. As recently as July 25, Zaya posted a picture of the family’s first trip to New York. Dufren also has pictures of Zaya on his Instagram, including his profile picture, which shows he and his wife pushing their daughter in a stroller.

Dufren penned a special message to his wife on her birthday in June. “Happpy Birthdayyyy to my sexxxy baby momma. You don’t look a day older than 26. Thanks for being such a good mom to our little angel!!” he wrote on June 8.

“Thank you my love ❤️ you are the best , love you so much,” Zaya answered in the comments.

Dufren also wrote a special post for his wife on her first Mother’s Day. “I could not handpick another person who I would want to be the mother of my child,” he wrote in May. “Thank you for keeping our family together and being the best mom/wife/best friend I could ask for.”

Fans Are Praising Zaya For Being a ‘Loving Mom’

“90 Day Fiance” has its share of characters and fans are happy to see has Zaya has transformed into a “loving mom” since welcoming Mylah into her family. Zaya has previously received criticism from fans — like when she kicked Dufren’s family out of Ukrainian Christmas to put Mylah to bed.

“Yara used to be a more free-spirited party girl, but then she became a mom,” one person wrote on Reddit, garnering more than 1,000 upvotes. “A lot of parents resent their kid for ending their “fun” (cough cough Jovi), but Yara’s love for Mylah is so apparent and heartwarming.”

In fact, some users started to slam Dufren as a subpar father in this thread. “How does this not have more upvotes?” they wrote. “Fuck yes. I was her. My husband was him … We adjusted our lifestyle – bc, uh. Damn. We created a dependent.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “90 Day Fiance” when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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