TLC Star Is Pregnant With Sperm From Wife’s Ex-Husband

You Me and My Ex

TLC There's happy news for one of the couples from "You, Me & My Ex:" Chantel Vazquez is pregnant after Josh Rappahahn served as Vazquez's sperm donor.

There’s happy news for one of the couples from TLC’s “You, Me & My Ex:” Chantel Vazquez is pregnant after Josh Rappahahn served as the expecting couple’s sperm donor.

TLC cameras were there when Chantel and Jennifer Vazquez told Josh Rappahahn about the pregnancy. “I was really excited,” Danielle Rappahahn told TLC cameras in a preview obtained by People. “We’re just glad that we could help provide the resources and make it happen for them.”

“I feel like reality is kind of hitting at this point,” Danielle Rappahahn continued in the preview. “And now, you know, biologically, [Josh is] going to be a dad again.”

While Jennifer Vazquez reminded Danielle Rappahahn that her husband is not the father, Danielle Rappahahn suspects her husband will have an influence on the baby.

“I do still have a little bit of a feeling that when the baby’s born, you know, your instinctual emotions might kick in and make you feel attached or emotional about the baby,” she said in the preview, per People.

Josh Rappahahn wasn’t as sure as his wife. “I don’t think there’s going to be any emotional [attachment],” he told her. “Like, I say this now, I don’t know. I’ve never done this before.”

When Josh Rappahahn appeared on the show for the first time, he referred to the women sitting next to him and his baby mamas and potentially baby mamas.

“This is my first baby mama,” he said. “This is my second baby mama. And that is, hopefully, my third baby mama.”

The two families wanted to appear in the series because they wanted to convey the importance of co-parenting.

“A driving factor was getting our message to the world about co-parenting and raising your kids in a healthy environment,” Danielle Rappahahn told the Tampa Bay Times. 

Josh Rappahahn agreed with his wife about remaining civil with an ex after divorce. “When you’re getting divorced from somebody, you don’t have to hate each other,” he told the Florida-based outlet. “Especially when there’s kids involved.”

When The Baby Comes ‘Things Could Get a Little Sticky’

While Danielle and Josh Rappahahn congratulated Jennifer and Chantel Vasquez on the pregnancy, Danielle Rappahahn said things could become complicated when the baby comes.

“This is a new relationship for all of us so things could get a little sticky depending on the dynamic of the relationship with the baby,” Danielle Rappahahn confessed to TLC cameras.

The Vazquez’s don’t want their child to call Josh “Dad.”

“We’ll give them the truth [and] say, ‘We used this person’s DNA to create you in a different way that other parents do,'” Chantel Vasquez said in the preview, per People. “It’s still the truth.”

‘You, Me & My Ex’ Is a New TLC Show

Viewers are meeting all five couples from “You, Me & My Ex” for the first time. The show first debuted on June 20.

“Viewers will watch these couples navigate the uncomfortable and awkward moments when a past love is still front and center,” the press release says. “Relationships, marriage and children are no longer one-size-fits-all as the couples in this series redefine the norm, break the rules and forge their own paths towards the lives and families they want and dream of.”

While “You, Me & My Ex” generally follows couples who are embarking on new relationships while remaining friends with their exes, but the Vazquezes and the Rappahahns have a different dynamic.

Jennifer Vazquez and Josh Rappahahn were married for five years before they divorced. After their split, Jennifer Vazquez fell in love with her co-worker, Chantel Vazquez and Josh Rappahahn moved on to his second wife, Danielle Rappahahn.

When Jennifer and Chantel decided to have a baby together, they asked Josh Rappahahn if he would be open to donating his sperm. That’s where TLC cameras picked up their story.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “You, Me & My Ex” when it airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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