Tom Segura Leg Injury: How Was the Comedian Injured?

how did Tom Segura get injured

Instagram/@seguratom Comedian Tom Segura was injured while playing basketball.

Comedian Tom Segura, best known for his stand-up specials on Netflix, attracted a lot of concerned attention from his fans after he posted a photo of himself in the hospital with braces on his left leg and arm on December 5. The video of the accident is now online and embedded below.

Segura assured his fans that he is recovering well and initially joked that his injuries were simply “the issues one has when you’re really really really strong.” Commenters filled social media with funny, outlandish theories about how Segura may have hurt himself. But Segura shared that his broken bones stemmed from a fairly conventional source: Segura was injured while playing basketball.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tom Segura Slipped While Attempting to Dunk a Basketball

Tom Segura's Basketball Injury | YMH OriginalEver want to see someone break half of their entire body? Look no further! Multiple cameras were filming when Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer finished their 2 Bears 1 Cave LIVE slam dunk competition (link below)! The results are horrible… or are they hilarious? Watch the full 2 Bears 1 Cave New Years Special now…2021-01-08T14:00:00Z

Segura and fellow comedian Bert Kreischer unveiled the cause of Segura’s extensive injuries during their New Year’s Eve live stream event with YMH Studios. The event required a ticket reserved in advance but the clip was later reposted on YouTube. As of this writing, Segura had not yet reshared the footage on his Instagram account.

tom segura basketball video

YMH Studios/Tom SeguraTom Segura unveiled the video of his basketball injury.

The clip shows Segura explaining the adrenaline rush and excitement he was feeling before attempting to dunk a basketball. Segura was holding the basketball in one hand as he moved toward the basket.

As he starts to lift his arm into the air, he slips on the court. His right foot sails out in front and his entire body flies off the ground before he slams back down onto his left arm and back. Segura almost instantly rolls onto his side and his left arm is very clearly resting at an abnormal angle. Another person shifted Segura’s arm back to where it is supposed to be as they called 911.

2. Segura Multiple Bones & Promoted the Release of the Video for Weeks

tom segura leg injury

Instagram/@bertkreischerComedian Tom Segura injured his leg while playing basketball.

Segura’s injury happened on December 1. The comedian explained on Twitter the following day, “I was injured yesterday and it really sucks. I can’t move. Multiple broken bones. Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to do my shows this weekend in Phoenix. We are looking at rescheduling dates now. Will announce them when I can.”

A fan questioned whether Segura had been attempting to complete some sort of challenge with fellow comedian Bert Kreischer at the time. Segura responded that he had been playing basketball. Kreisher later teased on his Instagram Story that the “#2bears1cave basketball challenge was an absolute success” along with Segura’s photo from the hospital.

On December 5, Segura shared an additional detail. He tweeted that he had been dunking a basketball when he injured himself. He wrote, “I know it sounds crazy but it really happened… dunking.” Segura further joked on himself by sharing a GIF of a professional player performing a spectacular dunk and writing, “I was basically doing this.”

Segura teased early on that there is a video of the accident and that he would share it once he was back home in his podcast studio.

Kreischer was looking forward to the day fans get to see the clip. Kreischer joked on December 5, “I would argue that @tomsegura’s ‘dunk’ will go down in Slam Dunk History & might even be the most watched dunk of all time!!! #WeGotItOnVideo.”

3. Segura & Kreischer Were Playing With Instagram Star Tristan Jass

New information related to Segura’s injury came out on December 16. Segura shared that he and Kreischer had been playing against Tristan Jass. Jass is an Instagram star known for sharing videos of himself performing trick shots on the basketball court.

VideoVideo related to tom segura leg injury: how was the comedian injured?2020-12-06T13:28:22-05:00

Segura shared a link to a YouTube video on Jass’ page. The nearly 12-minute video showed the first half of the comedians’ 2-on-1 game against Jass.

The tail end of the clip teases to Segura’s injury by showing footage of a stretcher being wheeled into the gym and Segura being loaded into the ambulance. Part 2 was scheduled to be published on New Year’s Day.

Segura gave fans another update on Christmas Day. He posted x-ray images on Instagram of his broken arm and “the many titanium plates that are now in there.” Segura added in a video portion that he has been undergoing physical therapy.

4. Segura Debunked Rumors That Kreischer Had Broken His Ankles

Segura’s friend and fellow comedian Bert Kreischer, who was present for the accident, wasted no time laughing about it. Kreischer even suggested on Twitter that he had somehow been victorious over Segura. When Segura tweeted about having multiple broken bones, Kreischer reshared the tweet with the comment, “Bert 2 – Tom 0 #Undefeated.”

But Kreischer did not cause Segura’s injury. Segura squashed the online speculation with an explanation that also included a light jab at Kreischer: “You guys Bert didn’t break my ankles. We weren’t playing each other when this happened. He can barely dribble.”

In a response to a fan, Kreischer further confirmed that he and Segura had not been playing against each other at the time. @bruceburdock tagged Kreischer in the comment, “He’s been telling everyone he dunked on you and his balls hit you in the face.” Kreischer responded that Segura had dunked on himself.

5. Segura’s Wife Described the Injury as a ‘Freak Accident’ & the Couple Thanked Fans for the Kind Messages

Segura had to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance and he spent several days under the watchful eyes of doctors and nurses. He underwent surgery on December 4, as he explained on Twitter. But if Segura was experiencing pain, he did not allow fans to see that.

Segura and his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, continued to make jokes as they reassured fans that Segura was recovering well. Pazsitzky posted a video alongside Segura in his hospital bed on December 5. In the clip, Segura explained with a straight face that his “muscle enzymes are through the roof.” Segura said this was an indicator of how strong he is, prompting his wife to shake her head. The couple also discussed that it had been four days since Segura had “taken a dump.”

Segura may also come out of this injury with a new tattoo. On December 6, he posted a picture of all of the stitches on his upper left arm and asked Twitter followers for tattoo ideas to cover up the scar.

On a more serious note, Pazsitzky acknowledged that Segura’s injury had caused a lot of stress for their family. They both thanked friends and fans for the well-wishes. Pazsitzky wrote in the caption that she was thankful to be on “the other side of this freak accident.” She also thanked Kreischer and his wife “for their help during this chaotic time.”

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