‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2 Cast Spoilers So Far

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 contestants

Youtube An all-new season of "Too Hot to Handle" premieres June 23 on Netflix.

The first season of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” dropped in April 2020, providing the perfect distraction for people stuck at home during the Coronavirus lockdown. Fourteen contestants were forced to resist their urges and refrain from sexual activity for four weeks. If they succeeded, they won a $100,000 prize.

Season two of the dating show premiers on June 23. Ten new young and beautiful contestants from around the globe will hole up in a picturesque villa and try to keep their hands to themselves.

In a video posted to the Netflix UK & Ireland YouTube channel, Christine Quinn of “Selling Sunset” shared a look at the “Too Hot to Handle” villa, located on Turks & Caicos Islands.

So who are the ten lucky singles with only a month of chastity between them and $100,000? Let’s meet the season two cast.

Cam Holmes

The self-proclaimed “sexy nerd from South Wales”, Homes is a model and personal trainer. According to a promo video for “Too Hot to Handle” posted on his Instagram, Homes has been single for four years.

He poses the question, “Why stick to one girl when I can share this with a bunch of girls?” Homes also admits to being a former World of Warcraft player and does an impression of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Carly Lawrence

Lawrence describes herself as “a bit of a troublemaker” in a playful promo for the show shared on her Instagram page. “Usually what I look for in a guy is just like a one-night hangout,” Lawrence says in another promo video.

According to ET, Lawrence is a 24-year old model from Toronto, Canada. Her website includes a link to her OnlyFans page.

Chase Demoor

Demoor is a professional football player from Seattle, Washington. In a promo for the show posted on Instagram, the athlete says he “catches footballs, not feelings.”

Demoor recently got out of a 5-year relationship and is ready to live up to his name. “One hundred percent, Chase does enjoy the chase,” he jokes in the promo video.

Emily Faye Miller

According to ET, Miller is a “multilingual model” from the UK who is ” not afraid to break a few hearts in her search for satisfaction.”

Kayla Jean

Jean is a Filipina American model. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the Floridian’s “strict upbringing in youth has unleashed her inner wild child.”

Larissa Trownson

Trownson is a lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand. In a “Too Hot to Handle” promo video, Townson says she’s “like the real-life Elle Woods.”

In the video, Trownson also shared her criteria for men (brunette, banter, and b****) and says she likes to be wined and dined. Her Instagram bio reads, “you can be intellectual & wear a bikini too!”

Marvin Anthony

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Anthony is a “Parisian model, influencer and former basketball player, and a finance bro with a master’s degree.”

In a promo video for the show, Anthony reveals that he can speak English, Spanish, and French.

Melinda Melrose

According to ET, Melrose grew up in Brooklyn with 15 siblings. She is a model from New York City.

Melrose recently shared a TikTok video of her reacting to the “Too Hot to Handle” billboard in Times Square.

Nathan Webb

Webb’s Instagram bio says he is “an Englishman chasing the American dream.” According to Harper’s Bazaar, he’s also a former stripper “with unhealed wounds from past heartbreaks.”

Webb lives in Texas with his Rottweiler, Holly.

Peter Vigilante

According to Vigilante’s Instagram bio, he’s an NASM certified personal trainer. In a promo video, Vigilante explains that he bought a stripper pole to create “thirst trapping” content for social media.

Vigilante is also a Staten Island native who believes his confidence makes him seem 6’2″ despite being more like 5’8″.

Watch the season two trailer here and catch the all-new episodes on June 23 on Netflix.

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