The Challenge’s Tori Deal & Jordan Wiseley Break Up

Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

Instagram Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal from The Challenge.

Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley took to social media today to make a major announcement about their relationship. The couple, who met on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 and who got engaged on War of the Worlds 2 in a heartwarming reality TV moment, have announced that they are calling it quits. Both of them posted simultaneous statements on their social media accounts and expressed that the breakup was not coming from a place of anger or hate or due to a “scandal.”

On her post, Deal said, “Even though Jordan and I are going to be moving forward in separate ways, our love, support, and connection with one another only grows stronger and deeper.” Wiseley echoed the sentiment and shared, “We are just two people who love each other deeply but are both battling with our own struggles and happiness.” Both Challenge stars shared loving photos of their time together to accompany their statements.

They Both Shared How Much Love They Have for the Other But That They Need Time Apart to Focus on Themselves

Alongside a photo of herself hugging Wiseley, Deal wrote, “I thought I knew love when Jordan and I were together, but there is a different kind of love that two people feel when they decide it’s time to experience life apart.” She added: ” Please don’t look at this break up as a failure, because we’re not looking at it this way. Sometimes people need to step back and work on themselves before fully committing to the other person.”

Deal explained that the breakup didn’t stem from malice, anger or “‘one big thing’ that happened to cause this” because that wasn’t the case. “The reality of some relationships is that there can be a lot of little things that slowly build up over time. All of those little incidents showed us that we each need our own space.”

She finished by saying that although their breakup was friendly, she needed time and space to grieve and process and asked for privacy from the fans to do so.

Wiseley posted a similar message alongside a series of photos of the couple together:

He wrote, “It’s been one of the toughest stretches of my life to silently struggle with our happiness and love. What this time has taught me is that I love Tori from the depths of my soul. She will always be one of my best friends in this world and no one will ever truly be able to understand the depths of our understanding for one another, like we do. It has been the best and most beautiful time of my life to grow with and love you, Tori.”

He also added that they will continue to be in each other’s lives and support each other, writing a sweet message of support to his now ex-fiance: “I love Tori with all of my heart and this hurt is something I’ll never forget.. and I don’t want to. I will always cherish our time together but I’m also excited to see what the future holds for us both. I think she lights up the world around her and I can’t wait to watch.”

He also wrapped up his statement by asking for privacy and understanding as they take some time to process the breakup. Both Wiseley and Deal turned off comments on their posts.

Deal Will Be Appearing on ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ on Her Own

Deal will be on the upcoming season of The Challenge, Double Agents, which premieres on December 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show filmed while the two were still in a relationship but Wiseley did not compete in the 36th season of the show.

In a series of responses to Instagram comments, Wiseley told his fans that he was taking the season off to focus on other projects and commitments and the filming schedule for the show wasn’t compatible with those projects.

In addition to appearing on this season of the show, Deal will also be hosting the new official Challenge podcast alongside veteran competitor Aneesa Ferreira. The two will dive into behind-the-scenes information about each episode, break down how some of the stunts are filmed and more, according to iHeartMedia.

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