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Getty Children go trick or treating in London.

Trick or treat! Children are just days away from going door-to-door on Halloween. Generally, town boards and city councils have set trick-or-treating between 5 and 9 p.m., according to Parade. Since October 31 is on a Sunday this year, some localities are choosing to celebrate early on Friday, October 29, and Saturday, October 30.

Information on trick-or-treating for each state can be found below, with links to provide specific dates and times for individual counties and locations.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alabama – Trick-or-treating dates and times are broken down by city and town on TrickOrTreatTimes.com, though information on each location is not fully populated. Trick-or-treating starts as early as Thursday, October 28 and goes through the actual holiday in Eastern Alabama, with specific details found here. Additional information on Halloween festivities spread throughout the weekend can be found here for North Alabama and here for Central and Southern Alabama.

Alaska – Google has broken down trick-or-treating in Alaska, found here. Festivities are spread throughout the weekend, with Anchorage, Kenai, Kodiak, Palmer, Valdez and Wasilla holding events on Friday, October 29. Anchorage Downtown Partnership is also holding a month-long Halloween scavenger hunt called “Trick or Treat Street,” which ends on October 30. For further information on your specific town, check with your town. Start times range, but most end no later than 8 p.m.

Arizona – Trick-or-treating in Arizona is spread from October 29 through November 1, with details found here. ABC 15 broke down 27 things to do over Halloween weekend in Pheonix, including Chandler’s Halloween Spooktacular on Friday, October 29. Additional information for specific cities and towns is listed here.

Arkansas – Halloween in Arkansas is in full swing, with trick or treat and trunk or treat events starting as early as October 29. THV 11 and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette listed other Halloween events taking place throughout the state all month long. Festivities in Northwest Arkansas and River Valley – including the Farmington Halloween Bash – were broken down by the local Fox affiliate.

California – Halloween in California is in full swing. See California compiled a list of events across the state organized by city, found here. According to Google, these festivities take place from Friday, October 29 through Sunday, October 31. For residents in the Los Angeles area, Tiny Beans has broken down the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating and the best “yard haunts.” For further information about where you live, check with your individual town.

Colorado – Colorado is celebrating Halloween, with Fox 31 putting together a schedule of events throughout the state from October 27 through October 31. TrickOrTreatTimes.com broke it down by town. For residents in the Denver area, 9 News released a guide of events, including the Halloween Walk and Spooktacular Halloween. According to Google, most trick-or-treating ends by 6 p.m.

Connecticut – Halloween events in Connecticut can be found here, in a list compiled by Google. Halloween New England put events in chronological order starting on October 29. CT Insider broke down festivities for children and for adults. The CDC advised trick-or-treaters in Connecticut to travel in small groups and avoid Halloween parties, according to The Wolf.

DelawareAccording to Delaware Online, many towns in Delaware are hosting trick-or-treating on Saturday, October 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. with the actual holiday as a “rainy day back-up.” Google has compiled a list of events, found here. Here are some details on trick-or-treating in Milton and Delmarva. Check with your town for additional information.

Florida – TrickOrTreatTimes.com has broken down festivities by town, found here. For more event-specific information, check out this list created by Google. According to the Panama City News Herald, some towns are still deciding whether to have trick or treat on Saturday or Sunday. Residents in South Florida can find specific information from Local10.com and residents from Tallahassee can check out this article from the Tallahassee Democrat.

Georgia – Safety first for trick-or-treating Georgians; Valdosta Today released safety tips for Halloween. If you’re looking for an event in your area, Funtober has compiled a list of events throughout the state. Specific information can be found for Southwest Georgia and Savannah.

Hawaii – Hawaiian residents going door-to-door to trick or treat can find a list of events here, compiled by Google. In Honolulu, Halloween events can vary in time but typically run between 2 and 8 p.m. If you have specific questions about where you live, check with your town.

Idaho – Trick-or-treating are getting underway in Idaho, with events starting on Friday, October 29 according to Google. In fact, “Most large cities in Eastern Idaho are planning to hold events before Sunday, Oct. 31,” according to East Idaho News, A list of festivities throughout the state can be found on the Funtober blog.

Illinois – Times to trick or treat vary between towns, according to the Chicago Tribune which lists events with businesses starting as early as 11 a.m. Fox Illinois broke down the trick-or-treating times for each town, with most taking place between 5 and 8 p.m. Illinois residents looking for a Halloween event in their area should check out this list compiled by Google.

Indiana – You can find trick-or-treating information by the city or town on TrickOrTreatTimes.com, with a list of events available on Google. Specific times in Central Indiana can be found on FOX 59. Safety information can be found on IndysChild.com with a list of times for local areas.

Iowa – The children of Iowa are going out trick-or-treating this weekend. According to The Gazette, they are most likely to receive M&Ms, Reese’s Cups and Candy Corn. If you’re looking for events throughout the state, check out this list compiled by Google. According to KCRG, most times in Eastern Iowa fall between 5 and 8 p.m. The Globe Gazette provided details on events for “young gargoyles” in North Iowa.

Kansas – There are a plethora of trick-or-treating options in Kansas, as demonstrated by this event list on Google. According to KSNT, events started as early as October 16 and continue through Halloween on October 31 in Northeast Kansas. If you are looking for details in your area, check with your town.

Kentucky – Kentucky is getting in the Halloween spirit this weekend as candy is handed out to willing children. The Pikeville Police Department provided WYMT with safety tips for parents, which included parents checking candy, wearing reflective tape and social distancing. For those going out in Southcentral Kentucky, trick or treating falls between 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. according to 13 News. For a more comprehensive list of trick or treating times check out TrickOrTreatTimes.com’s breakdown by city or Google’s list of events.

Louisiana – The Pelican State is getting in the spooky spirit with Halloween events throughout the weekend, according to Google. WDSU created a list of trick-or-treating times by parish. For those in the Baton Rouge area, the Lousiana Weekend created a schedule of events. The New Orleans Recreation Development Commission is also putting together several events, including a drive-through trick-or-treating option from 6 to 8 p.m.

Maine – Getting in the spooky spirit, Halloween New England created a list of events in Maine for the holiday. According to News Center Maine, two of the five top Halloween events in the state are the Lighting of the pumpkins and Trick or Treat at the Old York Museum Center on Saturday, October 30, and the Messology Maine’s Halloween Bash at the Messology Maine on Sunday, October 31. If you need additional information, search for your local town.

MarylandFuntober compiled a list of events from across Maryland for the Halloween weekend. Additional details per town are available on TrickOrTreatTimes.com. Per WUSA9, most trick-or-treating times in Frederick, Greensboro, Hagerstown, Rockville, Bowie and Laurel range from 5 to 9 p.m.

Massachusetts – A list of family-friendly Halloween activities in Massachusetts can be found on Halloween New England. According to Patch, trick-or-treating is from 5 to 8 p.m. in Marblehead and 6 to 8 p.m. in Westford. NBC’s 10 Boston reassured parents that outdoor trick-or-treating is safe for kids if they avoid crowds and indoor parties. For any additional information, check with your town or search your specific locality.

MichiganCheck out TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a breakdown of times in Michigan by town. If there is no current information, scroll down to the archived information. According to Grand Rapids Kids and Up North Live, most areas in Grand Rapids, Western Michigan and Northern Michigan have trick-or-treating times between 5 and 8 p.m. Though, Cadillac starts at 4 p.m.

MinnesotaGoogle has compiled a list of Halloween events and trick-or-treating, found here. Joining in the holiday spirit, Mall of America hosts its annual Mall-O-Ween taking place on October 31 from 2 to 5 p.m. If you are looking for specific information based on the town, check out TrickOrTreatTimes.com.

Mississippi – In Central Mississippi, most locales are hosting trick-or-treating on Saturday, October 30 between 4 and 8 p.m. WJTV reported. According to The Natchez Democrat, the mayor of Vidalia gave residents the option of Saturday or Sunday, but it must take place between 5 and 8 p.m. For additional events, check out this event list from Google.

Missouri – You can check TrickOrTreatTimes.com for information on specific towns, but not all of the information is populated. For a further breakdown of events, check out this list compiled by Google. For any additional information, check with your town or search your specific city. The Springfield News-Leader provided safety tips for Halloween, suggesting trick-or-treaters incorporate masks into their costume, carry hand sanitizer and any parties are hosted outdoors.

Montana – Montana trick-or-treaters can find an event near them in this list compiled by Google. If you need additional information, search your specific town online. According to KRTV, some precautions should be taken on Halloween such as wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing.

Nebraska – It’s a Nebraskan Halloween! Residents can turn to TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a breakdown of dates and times by city. While not all of the information is filled in, you can look back to archived data or search your town on Google for additional details. Trick-or-treaters are likely to sour patch kids, which is the state’s most popular candy according to CandyStore.com.

Nevada – Trick-or-treating in Nevada is taking place over the Halloween weekend, starting today, October 29. Check out Google’s list of events throughout the state. In Las Vegas, the festivities have been going on all week according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal. In Container Park on October 31, kids can get candy between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. before watching a screening of “Hocus Pocus.” If you need additional information for your locality, check with your town or search online.

New Hampshire – Kids will flock to the streets of New Hampshire this weekend for trick-or-treating. WMUR compiled a list of dates and times for towns across the state, with most trick-or-treating happening on October 31 between 4 and 8 p.m. You can use Halloween New England as a guide for additional Halloween festivities in the state.

New JerseyAccording to NJ.com, New Jersey is the home of Addams Family creator Charles Addams. With such. a spooky past, it is no wonder New Jersey residents flock the streets for trick-or-treating with times located on TrickOrTreatTimes.com by city. New Providence issued guidelines for the holiday which include trick-or-treating on Halloween, October 31, from 4 to 8 p.m. The guidelines also warn against sick trick-or-treaters. JCFamilies put together a list of the best trick-or-treating in Jersey City, including the Halloween Family Bash.

New MexicoAccording to KOAT, trick-or-treating this year is safe as long as kids wear masks, stay outdoors and stay in nearby neighborhoods. So, if you are planning on going out, check out Google’s list of Halloween events, Should you need more specific information on your specific locale, check out your town or search it online.

New York – For trick-or-treaters in the Big Apple, New York Family created a guide for the best places to trick or treat in New York City. Residents throughout the state can turn to TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a breakdown of dates and times by town. If you need additional information, search your specific town.

North CarolinaTurn to TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a list of trick-or-treating times by town. Not all information is populated, so look back to archived times for an idea or search your town. WBTV reported on Charlotte and its surrounding counties, with most areas trick-or-treating on Saturday. Though, the times vary from early afternoon to evening. While digging through their baskets, trick-or-treaters are likely to find the state’s most popular candy, according to CandyStore.com, is Reese’s Cups, followed by Snickers and M&M’s.

North Dakota – Looking for Halloween events? Funtober created a list of Halloween events throughout the state of North Dakota. It is likely trick-or-treaters will get the state’s most popular candy, according to CandyStore.com, or dress in the state’s most popular costume, according to Best Life, an astronaut. If you need additional information on where you live, check with your town.

Ohio – Northeast Ohio residents can turn to the list compiled by Northeast Ohio Family Fun for trick or treat times, most of which range from 5 and 8 p.m. on either Saturday, October 30, and Sunday, October 31. WBNS created a list of dates and times for Central Ohio, with some trick-or-treating starting as early as Thursday, October 28. If you are still in need of information, contact your town or search your locality.

Oklahoma – It is mostly OK to trick or treat this year, according to U.S. News. The outlet suggested coordinating with neighbors for social distancing, carrying hand sanitizer and wearing maks. With that in mind, trick-or-treaters heading out can turn to TrickOrTreatTimes.com the dates and times of each town. If you need more information, check with your locality.

Oregon – Trick-or-treaters in Oregon can turn to Google’s list of Halloween events or PDX Parent’s list of day-time trick-or-treating in the Portland area. The Oregonian’s Oregon Live also released a list of holiday events throughout the state.  For more information, search your town on Google specifically.

PennsylvaniaGoogle has compiled a list of Halloween events in Pennsylvania and WGAL put together a breakdown of trick-or-treating times in Central Pennsylvania, with most times between 6 and 8 p.m. After obtaining the candy loot, kids are likely to eat a lot of Hershey’s Mini Bars which are the most popular candy in the state according to CandyStore.com.

Rhode IslandHalloween New England put together a list of Halloween activities – including family-friendly events. The Boston Globe also created a “one-stop guide”  for trick-or-treating in the state, which can be found here. If you need more information, turn to your town or search by your specific city.

South Carolina – South Carolina residents can look to Google’s compilation of Halloween events as well as News 2’s guide to trick-or-treating in the area of Charleston. Residents of the Palmetto State have a sweet tooth with CandyStore.com reporting Butterfingers, Skittles and Candy Corn are the most popular in the state. For town-specific details, check out TrickOrTreatTimes.com or search your locality.

South Dakota – Supermen are going to descend the streets of South Dakota as Clark Kent is the most popular costume in South Dakota according to Best Life. These caped kids and other trick-or-treaters can look to Google’s list of Halloween activities as well as the Argus Leader’s guide to trick-or-treating near Sioux Falls. Any additional information can be provided by your town.

Tennessee – Ahead of this weekend’s trick-or-treating, check out  Google’s compilation of Tennessee Halloween events. For Nashville residents, News Channel 5 has released a list of local events including a “Rooftop Candy Drop at FBC Gallatin.” For further information search your individual town.

Texas – Texas is gearing up for Halloween, with a list of events available on Google. KCEN-TV also put together a list of Trunk or Treat events in Central Texas.  Per Mashall Police Department’s recommendation, trick-or-treating should happen between 5 and 8 p.m. on Halloween, reported KSLA. Additional details about your spooky festivities can be ascertained by searching your specific town.

Utah – Utah has gone to the ghosts, ghouls and witches ahead of this weekend’s Halloween festivities. Looking for information on your town, check out TrickOrTreatTimes.com. According to ABC 4, trick-or-treating should be on Saturday but will likely happen on Sunday too. Utahn’s looking for more details can turn to Google, which has pulled events all weekend long.

Vermont – Vermont residents are trading in the maple syrup for candy, with Halloween weekend upon us.  Halloween New England created a list of Halloween activities and events throughout the state and additional information can be found by searching your town. The University of Vermont issued suggestions, which included the people who are passing out candy wearing a mask and washing their hands. For kids, it is suggested to wear a cloth mask but to not double up with a costume mask.

Virginia – Virginia is for trick-or-treaters, with Google compiling a list of Halloween activities. For regions, Wavy 10 created a guide to trick-or-treating in Hampton Roads and Patch made one for Arlington. ABC 8 created tips for a safe Halloween, which include checking for cars before you cross the road, entering alleys slowly and trick or treat between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m.

Washington – Washington will see trick-or-treating happen all weekend long, with details available on Google. TrickOrTreatTimes.com breaks down times and dates by towns, though some information is not currently available. In those cases, look to the archived information for an idea. In Seattle, Curiocity put together a map for the best and safest trick-or-treating spots in the city.

West Virginia – Will it be a wild and wonderful Halloween in West Virginia? 13 News provided a summary of trick or treat times across the state, with most taking place on Saturday, October 30. For a look at other Halloween events, check out the compilation Google put together. According to The Exponent Telegram, for safety trick or treaters should make sure they have clear eyesight in their costumes, don’t go alone and have something reflective with them.

Wisconsin – Wisconsin residents are ready to trick or treat, turning to TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a breakdown of dates and times by location. If you need further information, check out Google’s list of events or search your specific town online.

Wyoming – It is time to trick or treat in Wyoming! Check out your town on TrickOrTreatTimes.com for a breakdown of times by town or search for your specific city. Additional events can be found through this list compiled by Google.

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