Is Walgreens Open on New Year’s Eve & Day 2020-2021?


Happy New Year’s! While you’re ringing in the New Year and saying goodbye to the old, can you go to Walgreens for your last-minute shopping needs for New Year’s Eve 2020 and New Year’s Day 2021? For those of you who are shopping or remember something you needed for a recipe that you forgot all about, there’s good news. Yes, most Walgreens stores are open on New Year’s Eve and Day, but hours can vary by location.

Many Walgreens Stores Will Be Open New Year’s Eve 2020 & New Year’s Day 2021, But Not All

Many Walgreens stores are going to be open this year for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A local Walgreens representative told Heavy last year that most 24-hour Walgreens continue operating 24-hours for the holiday. Stores that aren’t 24-hour are typically open for the holiday too, but not all.

Click here to find a Walgreens location near you and find out its exact hours on New Year’s Eve & Day. 

Heavy checked some local stores and found that some are closing early for New Year’s Eve and some are closed on New Year’s Day, while others are open for their full regular operating hours. So you will definitely need to check your store locator before heading over, as hours can vary from location to location, even within the same city.

Walgreens Specials & News

If you’re part of Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program, you’ll need to join the new myWalgreens program by January 31 in order to keep your rewards, according to Walgreens’ website.

Walgreens is offering 50% off its gifts of the week, along with weekly ads and coupons that are good through January 2, 2021. Here are some examples of current specials (but note that these can vary by location.) Walgreens’ deals of the week may include 50% off myWalgreens paper products, discounts on select shampoo and toothpaste products, BOGO 50% off select vitamins and supplements, discounts on select cereal, oatmeal, and bacon products, $3 off your next purchase when you buy two or more participating cold relief products, $29.99 select disposable face masks with myWalgreens, and BOGO select hand sanitizer with myWalgreens.

Walgreens is also offering flu shots in-store and has a Prescription Savings Club.

Walgreens also offers contactless COVID-19 testing for ages 3+ at select locations. This is no-cost with most insurance, voucher, or government assistance programs. Visit Walgreens’ website here to find out if the contactless COVID-19 testing is available near you. Select locations may offer a diagnostic PCR lab test (where result times vary) or a rapid diagnostic test called ID NOW that gives results within 24 hours. Some locations also over rapid antigen tests with results in as little as an hour.

To take a test, you’ll need to complete a screening survey online, choose a location and time, go to the testing location, and stay in your vehicle with the window rolled up. Show your email, state ID, and voucher or insurance card. You’ll be given a nasal swab test. Testing schedules may be limited based on capacity and weather conditions.

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