Walmart & Target Thanksgiving 2021 Hours: Are Stores Open or Closed?

Walmart and Target for Easter

Getty Walmart and Target for Easter

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021 and as you’re thinking about your grocery needs for the big meal you’re planning, you may be wondering what Walmart or Target’s hours are near you today. Although Walmart and Target have been open on Thanksgiving in the past, the stores are going to be closed today.

Target Stores Are Closed on Thanksgiving Today

Although Target stores have sometimes been open on Thanksgiving Day in the past, all Target stores are going to be closed today. The announcement was made back in January, Target shared. Most stores will reopen on Friday at 7 a.m.

In years past,  Target had started opening late on Thanksgiving night to allow for early Black Friday shopping. But the chain has made a change and is now going to be closed on Thanksgiving instead.

In fact, Target is now saying that the chain plans to not open on Thanksgiving ever again, CNN reported. Target announced this week that it plans to close all its stores on Thanksgiving from this year on forward.

Target CEO Brian Cornell wrote in a note to employees: “What started as a temporary measure driven by the pandemic is now our new standard — one that recognizes our ability to deliver on our guests’ holiday wishes both within and well beyond store hours,” NBC News reported. (Some distribution and call center employees may still need to work today, however.)

Cornell said he decided to make the change permanent when he visited stores in New York and New Jersey, and employees there talked about how happy they were to be able to stay home on Thanksgiving, CNN reported.

Many stores, including Target, are starting to offer Black Friday savings leading up to Thanksgiving, instead of just having all their special deals start the day after the holiday.

Walmart Stores Are Closed on Thanksgiving Today

Walmart stores are also going to be closed on Thanksgiving 2021 this year.

Charles Redfield, Executive Vice President, Food, of Walmart U.S., wrote on Walmart’s website: “While Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving to give our associates time to spend with loved ones, we’re making it easy to get everything you need up to the very last minute.”

Walmart offered express delivery options through Wednesday evening the night before Thanksgiving, along with curbside pickup until late night the day before Thanksgiving, in order to help customers who had last-minute needs.

Walmart began closing its stores on Thanksgiving last year due to the pandemic and is continuing to do so again this year, CNN reported. However, unlike Target, Walmart has not yet announced that it plans to make Thanksgiving closures permanent in the future.

Arun Sundaram, a senior equity research analyst at CFRA Research, told NBC News: “It doesn’t make sense to be open on Thanksgiving anymore. Deals are spread out throughout the holiday season now.”

If you’re looking for a place that is open today, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Dollar General are among the stores that are open on Thanksgiving, CNN reported. Many retail stores like CVS and Walgreens are also open.

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