Can You Watch ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Finale on or the App?

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 5

Adult Swim’sRick and Morty” is concluding on Sunday, September 5, with a season finale after a short hiatus. But will the final episodes be available to watch on or the Adult Swim app?

The Finale May Require a Cable Login and the Adult Swim app sometimes air full episodes for free online, particularly the season premieres. However, the website and app might also require a cable login to view an episode. Unfortunately, Adult Swim rarely gives much notice about whether a login will be required, and sometimes even changes the policy at the last minute. So you’ll need to be prepared for either situation and have backup options ready if you’re wanting to stream for free.

How to Watch on

There are three possible links on AdultSwim’s website for watching the finale episode of “Rick and Morty.”

First, you might try the simulcast page for streaming the show. This page always needs a cable login to work, but it also shows a live simulcast of Adult Swim for the East coast or the West coast.  Sometimes it gives a “blocked” error message if it has a technical glitch. You’ll need your cable login ID and password to make this one work, and the cable provider must have the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim on its lineup.’s official “Rick and Morty” streaming page, which is linked from the site’s home page, is here. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see what is playing now and what is on the lineup next. However, it’s not clear if the new episode will be streamed on this page or not, or if it might require a cable login at the time it premieres. Adult Swim often doesn’t give notice as to what it plans, but lets viewers discover what’s happening as the episode airs.

Sometimes even if the episode is being streamed for free, viewers might encounter errors while trying to watch online. They may see a “blocked” error message or additional errors. That’s why it’s always good to have streaming backup alternatives in mind. also has some full episodes available of “Rick and Morty” here. If the episode is available on after it airs live, it will be added to this page. However, it may require a cable login to view.

How to Watch on the App

The mobile app is another possible option for streaming the finale episodes, but most of the options on mobile do require a cable login. (You can see the Google version here and the iOS version here.) If you open the mobile app, you might be asked to connect to your cable provider right away or later for particular episodes. Under the main menu, you’ll have the choice of going to the simulcast section of the app, which always requires a cable provider, or going to marathons or shows.

Under marathons, you can visit “Rick and Morty” to see a marathon of whatever episodes are airing on the app. The iOS version notes that a marathon of episodes is available in “select regions.” So in some regions, you may need a cable login, in other regions you might be able to watch at least some episodes for free, and in still other regions the marathon might not be available at all.

Under the main menu, you can also visit an individual show’s page by clicking on the “Shows” section. Going to the “Rick and Morty” page, you’ll see a message that reads: “Watch full episodes of your favorite Adult Swim Shows and Live TV. Login with your cable provider.”

So in summary, the season 5 finale episodes won’t necessarily be available on the mobile app in all regions. If they are, you may be asked to provide your cable login.

Alternatives if the App & Website Don’t Work

If you can’t get the app to play the new episode or, there are other alternatives you can try. You might want to have these queued up just in case the Adult Swim options don’t work.

Additional options for streaming the episode include FuboTV (which has a free trial option), Sling TV’s Blue or Orange bundle (there’s no free trial with this one, but the first month is just $10), AT&T TV, Hulu with Live TV (which has an option for a seven-day free trial), and YouTube TV (which also has an option for a free trial.)

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