Can You Watch ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 on or the App?

Rick and Morty

Adult Swim Rick and Morty

The season premiere of “Rick and Morty” will air on Sunday, September 4, on Adult Swim. But will it also be accessible on and the Adult Swim mobile app? We’ve got answers for you.

The Sixth Season Premiere Could Require a Cable Login

Rick and Morty

Adult SwimRick and Morty

When a new season begins, and the Adult Swim app will often show the whole first episode for free. However, a cable login may be necessary on the website or the app as well. Unfortunately, Adult Swim does not always offer enough warning before implementing login requirements and occasionally makes changes at the eleventh hour. If you’re hoping to stream without spending any money, you should be ready for both scenarios. Double- and triple-check if you want to avoid getting caught at the last moment, and have a backup plan in place. We list some alternative backup plans at the end of this article.

How to Watch on

Rick and Morty

Adult SwimRick and Morty

The live simulcast page is the first place to look for this show’s online broadcast. The live simulcast of Adult Swim is available for both the East Coast and the West Coast, although access to the website requires a cable login at all times. You may be one of the few who experience a “blocked” error message, since it requires your cable login ID and password, as well as a cable provider that carries the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. So make sure those boxes are ticked!

From the main page of, you can also try the official “Rick and Morty” streaming website. If you scroll down the page, you can see what is currently playing and what will be playing next. At the moment, a free marathon of Rick and Morty is playing, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on the show!

It is unclear, however, if the new episodes will be available for streaming on this portal or whether a cable login would be required. Not only does Adult Swim seldom reveal its ideas in advance, but its viewers also frequently find out what’s going on as the show airs.

How to Watch on the App

Rick and Morty

Adult SwimRick and Morty

The mobile app is yet another option for viewing season 6; however, the majority of the mobile streaming choices need a cable login in order to access them. (This link will take you to the Google version, and this link will take you to the iOS version.) If you launch the mobile app, you may be prompted to connect to your cable provider immediately for some episodes, or you may be given the option to do so at a later time.

You will also have the option, when you go to the main menu, of going to the portion of the app known as the simulcast, which will always need a cable provider, or going to the section known as marathons or programs.

Alternatives if the App and Website Don’t Work

There are additional options you might consider using in the event that you are unable to get the new season to play on the app or on It is recommended that you have these ready to go in the event that the Adult Swim selections do not function properly.

DirectTV Stream, Sling TV’s Blue or Orange bundle (which currently advertises its plans at 50% off for the first month), Hulu with Live TV (which offers an option for a seven-day free trial), and YouTube TV are some additional options for streaming the episode.

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