Wendy’s Memorial Day Hours 2021: Is It Open or Closed?

wendys near me memorial day 2021

Getty A view of a Wendy's restaurant on May 12, 2021 in Richmond, California.

Happy Memorial Day! If you’ve got juicy burgers on the mind, Wendy’s has them on the menu. Read on to see what they’re serving up in 2021, because most Wendy’s locations are open during their normal business hours today, Monday, May 31, 2021, according to Holiday Shopping Hours.

A statement provided to Heavy said that Wendy’s hours vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check their store locator and find the hours at a Wendy’s near you, or check out the Wendy’s app for the latest information.

“Wendy’s holiday hours vary by location,” said a Wendy’s spokesperson. “Check your local restaurant’s hours by visiting https://locations.wendys.com/ or Wendy’s Mobile App.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Wendy’s Memorial Day 2021 Menu Features the New Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Released in May

Wendy’s released its newest burger in May 2021, just in time for Memorial Day, according to a Wendy’s press release. If you haven’t tried it yet, it will be on the menu at a Wendy’s near you.

“We’re rewriting history with our new bourbon bacon sauce,” Wendy’s wrote on its saucy Twitter account. “Literally.”

The burger is available for just $5.39 at most locations, but the pricing at your local Wendy’s may vary, according to the press release. The restaurant chain’s culinary innovation team developed the burger, which features bourbon bacon sauce and crunchy onions, plus cheese and bacon, the statement said.

“Smooth flavor. Handcrafted by hand. Notes of beef. This is a bourbon masterpiece…that you eat,” Wendy’s wrote on Twitter.

The burger, of course, features Wendy’s Applewood smoked bacon, according to the press statement.

“Wendy’s is the home of the number one bacon cheeseburger* for a reason: our beef is always fresh, never frozen and our Applewood smoked bacon is cooked in an oven daily to bring the Wendy’s signature quality and flavor that we feel is a cut above the competition,” said John Li, Vice President of Culinary Innovation for The Wendy’s Company, in a press release. “For our Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, our culinary innovation team created a custom sweet but savory Bourbon Bacon sauce to compliment the American cheese, crispy bacon, crunchy onions and premium toasted bun to bring a delicious, uniquely-Wendy’s flavor profile in every bite.”

Find the Wendy’s Location & Hours Near You Below

Wendy’s has 5,848 locations across the United States and 383 in Canada, according to their store locator. The state with the most locations is Florida with a whopping 524 Wendy’s restaurants, and there are only four in the tiny state of Vermont.

Most Wendy’s restaurants are open during their normal business hours on Memorial Day 2021, according to Holiday Shopping Hours, but be sure to check the store locator or the Wendy’s app for the hours at a Wendy’s near you.

Here is a list of the Wendy’s store locations:

Alabama: 99 locations

Alaska: 9 locations

Arizona: 101 locations

Arkansas: 65 locations

California: 284 locations

Colorado: 131 locations

Connecticut: 53 locations

Delaware: 11 locations

Florida: 524 locations

Georgia: 289 locations

Hawaii: 10 locations

Idaho: 30 locations

Illinois: 196 locations

Indiana: 179 locations

Iowa: 42 locations

Kansas: 66 locations

Kentucky: 144 locations

Louisiana: 122 locations

Maine: 16 locations

Maryland: 96 locations

Massachusetts: 98 locations

Michigan: 241 locations

Minnesota: 54 locations

Mississippi: 96 locations

Missouri: 96 locations

Montana: 16 locations

Nebraska: 27 locations

Nevada: 44 locations

New Hampshire: 22 locations

New Jersey: 142 locations

New Mexico: 42 locations

New York: 218 locations

North Carolina: 258 locations

North Dakota: 8 locations

Ohio: 404 locations

Oklahoma: 47 locations

Oregon: 40 locations

Pennsylvania: 255 locations

Rhode Island: 17 locations

South Carolina: 131 locations

South Dakota: 7 locations

Tennessee: 167 locations

Texas: 422 locations

Utah: 83 locations

Vermont: 4 locations

Virginia: 221 locations

Washington: 78 locations

Washington DC: 4 locations

West Virginia: 70 locations

Wisconsin: 55 locations

Wyoming: 14 locations

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