When Is the Next ‘Love Island’ Recoupling?

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Youtube New islanders Isaiah and Roxy shared a kiss on their date this week.

Islanders, hold onto your sun hats because it’s almost time for the third “Love Island” recoupling of the summer. When will the recoupling take place? And who will be left standing alone?

The third recoupling of the summer will take place tonight, July 16 at 9 PM EST on CBS and Paramount Plus. It’s the guys’ turn to choose who they’d like to couple up with this time. There are seven guys and nine girls left in the villa, meaning two of the ladies will be going home this week. Christian became the first islander to go home this season after no one chose him in the second recoupling.

So who will choose who? Here’s what’s at stake in tonight’s episode.


So far, Will and Kyra have been a pretty solid couple. Despite Aimee entering the house and expressing interest in him, Will has stayed true to Kyra. However, there are three new girls in the house that haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk with him one on one.

Unless one of them turns his head before tonight’s recoupling, Will will likely choose Kyra.


Cinco dealt with his fair share of drama this week as the middle of a love triangle. He ultimately chose Trina over Cashay, which made things awkward considering he’s still sharing a bed with Cash until the next recoupling.

New islander Lei-Yen is also interested in Cinco and chose him to go on a date with this week. Although Lei-Yen gives Cinco a passionate kiss in the trailer for tonight’s episode, it’s likely that Cinco will choose Trina tonight.


New islander Florita picked Josh for a date this week. Although Josh told her he’s open to getting to know her, he also stated that he and Shannon’s relationship is solid. Before and after his date, he made sure to kiss Shannon and let her know he’s serious about her.

Shannon gave Josh a second chance when she picked him in the second recoupling. It’s likely he’ll return the favor tonight and continue pursuing their relationship.


After a rough start on the island, America voted for Korey to go on dates with all three of the new islanders this week. He enjoyed his evening with Roxy, Lei-Yen, and Florita, but it’s Florita that has truly caught his eye. He’s almost certain to pick her in tonight’s recoupling.


Ever since he ended things with Trina, Jeremy has only had eyes for Aimee. Unless something unexpected happens before tonight’s recoupling ceremony, he’ll be choosing her to be his partner.


Javonny could be tonight’s wildcard. Although he’s been coupled up with Olivia since day one, sparks have yet to really fly with them. If he wants to stay on the island, he may choose to partner up with one of the new girls in the villa and see what happens. If Lei-Yen or Roxy is left without a man by the time it’s Javonny’s turn, he may pick one of them.


New islander Roxy has shown interest in Isaiah. She picked him for a date and the pair shared a kiss. However, Cashay got his attention with an extremely steamy kiss during a group game. He later told Cash that she’s exactly the type of girl he’s looking for…and apparently told Aimee something similar. Will he choose Roxy, Aimee, or Cash?

Who Is in Danger of Going Home?

Two women will be sent packing after tonight’s recoupling. The girls in the most danger of being left without a mate are Cash, Lei-Yen, Olivia, and Roxy.

It will be interesting to see who Javonny, Isaiah, and Cinco pick tonight.

How to Vote Tonight

Tonight will be the second vote of the summer, although it’s unclear what “Love Island” viewers will be voting on. To participate, download the “Love Island” app. You will be prompted to register by entering your mobile device number.

Once registered, navigate to the “vote” tab on the app. You will then be able to vote for who stays and who goes. The voting periods typically last about thirty minutes. You will always be given a chance to cancel or confirm your vote.

Find out who is going home on tonight’s episode of “Love Island.”

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