Where to Buy Heart-Shaped Pizzas for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! If you’re staying home today because of the weather or the pandemic, you may be wanting to celebrate with a heart-shaped pizza. The good news is that there are a lot of different options for you this year.

Pizza Hut Is Offering a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Order Heart-Shaped Pizza Online TodayLooking for an easy Valentine’s dinner for two? Heart-Shaped Pizza is where it’s at. Available starting 2/8. Friendly disclaimer: we bake hearts, not break them—pizza arrives uncut.2021-02-08T17:28:22Z

Pizza Hut is offering a heart-shaped pizza this year for Valentine’s Day. These are expected to be available through February 16, although price and availability could vary by location.

You can also order a Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie or a Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie to go with it.

Papa John’s Is Offering a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Papa John’s has brought back its heart-shaped pizzas this year. They’ve been available since February 8 through February 14. The one-topping pizza costs $11 and arrives unsliced.

Papa John’s website notes: “We might cater to the taste buds of anyone who loves fine Italian food, but we’re always dedicated to providing our customers with fun and creative ways to spend the holidays with delicious pizza, as well. Our heart shaped pizza not only dazzles the eye, it dazzles the mouth with its high-quality flavor and fresh toppings you can count on every day of the week. Whenever you choose to order, even if it’s a last minute gift idea on the special day, you can have your mouth-watering entree served to you quickly and efficiently, a process that you can easily keep an eye on through our handy pizza delivery tracker, available online or through our app!”

Note that it may not be available at all locations.

Papa Murphy’s Is Offering a Heart-Shaped Pizza

If you prefer to bake your pizza at home, Papa Murphy’s is offering a heart-shaped pizza through Valentine’s Day in either cheese or pepperoni flavors. This HeartBaker Pizza is available at participating locations for $9 to $11 depending on where you live. You can also order a Sweetheart of a Deal, which includes a heart-shaped pizza with chocolate chip cookie dough.

California Pizza Kitchen Is Offering a Heart-Shaped Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen is offering a Sweet Deal Package to Go for $35 through Valentine’s Day. This includes one heart-shaped pizza, one appetizer, one additional entree, and one dessert. You can order the Classic Lovers option, which includes spinach artichoke dip, the BBQ chicken pizza in a heart shape, garlic cream fettuccine with chicken, and butter cake. With the Adventure Lovers option, you can get Mexican Street Corn, Sicilian Pizza in a heart shape, Chicken Tequila Fettuccine, and red velvet cake.

With the Veggie Lovers package, you can get white corn guacamole and chips, Margherita Pizza in a heart shape, tomato basil spaghetti, and key lime pie.

Additional Locations

Marco’s Pizza is also offering heart-shaped pizzas today at select locations.

If you have a Mountain Mike’s near you, select locations are also offering heart-shaped pizzas.

Peter Piper Pizza is also offering a large one-topping heart-shaped pizza in Arizona and New Mexico locations, at select stores.

Don’t forget to check your local pizza restaurants too, if you prefer to support local small businesses. Some may also be offering heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day as a way to celebrate the holiday.

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