Who Is the Masked Man with Maggie on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Who is the masked man with Maggie?

AMC Who is the masked man with Maggie?

One of the big mysteries remaining with the end of The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 is just who is the mysterious masked man with Maggie? We don’t have a definitive answer for this one yet since the character isn’t in the comics, but we have some great theories from fans.

This article has spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16. 

Fans Think It’s Mercer from the Comics, but Angela Kang Said It’s Not


Many fans have guessed that the mystery man is Mercer from the comics. Although it’s not a perfect matchup, he’s a major comic character who hasn’t shown up yet in the show.

However, showrunner Angela Kang told Insider that the man with Maggie is not Mercer.

Kang said: “I’ll say that we will learn more about this character and kind of who they are and what Maggie has been through more recently. That’s going to be a big part of the story in the six episodes to come, but also in the season [11] as a whole to come.”

Theory 2: Heath


Another possibility is the long-missing Heath, who has been the source of numerous rumors ever since he disappeared. He was last seen when Tara was attacked on a supply run in Season 7. The actor who plays Heath (Corey Hawkins) left for 24: Legacy. But Heath’s disappearance is still a mystery.

Kang hinted that he was taken by the same group that took Rick, Den of Geek reported. So maybe there’s still hope for a return, especially if there’s any chance that Maggie’s been in touch with that group too.

Theory 3: Morgan

Some fans think it could actually be Morgan. I’m not really into this theory, since Morgan has a very active role on Fear the Walking Dead. However, Fear is a little behind The Walking Dead right now timeline-wise, so it’s not an impossibility. But a lot would have to change on the show to bring Morgan back around to The Walking Dead.

We know Morgan’s a great fighter and we’ve seen him act quite mysterious in the past. But this theory seems far-fetched.

Then there’s a theory from a fan that it’s Morgan’s son Duane, somehow surviving and Morgan never knew he lived.

Theory 4: Dwight’s Wife, Sherry

Why couldn’t the masked man be a female? Although I’m not sure it’s Dwight’s wife Sherry, I’m going to guess that the masked person ends up being a woman.

It may not be Sherry because I don’t recall her being an amazing fighter. But Dwight was searching for her on Fear the Walking Dead and he never found her. Maybe Maggie did.

More than likely the mystery person is a woman, but not Sherry.

Theory 5: Eduardo

Eduardo was a member of Hilltop when Maggie was there and he was very loyal to her. We haven’t actually seen him for a while and fans have missed him. Kang did tell Insider that Eduardo was alive and well, but she said he was likely at Hilltop.

She said: “Eduardo, I think he probably is at the Hilltop. Also, we have people kind of going back and forth on journeys, so there may be some more Eduardo in the future or not. It’s also a subject to scheduling and things like that.”

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