Whole Foods Easter Hours 2022: Are the Stores Open or Closed?

Whole Foods on Easter

Getty Whole Foods on Easter

Happy Easter Easter 2022! You might be planning a big meal for family and friends, or maybe an Easter egg hunt. If you forgot to get something at the grocery store that you still need to pick up, you may be wondering if Whole Foods is open or closed today. Here’s a look at the store hours for Easter 2022.

Some Stores May Be Open Today for Easter

Whole Foods stores are typically open on Easter Day, so if you’re needing to stop by a grocery store then you’re in luck.

According to the holiday store hours listed on Whole Foods’ website, the only holiday that stores are always closed for is Christmas Day. The chain may also have modified hours for other holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Since Easter isn’t on that list, then it’s likely that your local Whole Foods will be open today for its regular business hours. However, hours can vary by location. Visit the Whole Foods store locator here to check what the hours are going to be like at the location near you.

Many Whole Foods are working with grocery delivery services, including Amazon. If you’re a Prime member, you can get free through Amazon Prime at select locations. If you’re interested in grocery pickup or delivery today, go here to see if the Whole Foods near you offers either option.

Whole Foods Has Many Spring Specials

Whole Foods is offering a number of Easter specials today, along with spring specials all year round. You can see the weekly sales and deals on the store’s website here. If you’re a Prime member, you might even get an additional discount off sales prices, depending on your local store. Meats, prepared foods, juices, deli meats, fruit spreads, floral bouquets, fruit, even Easter-shaped bunny cakes (if they’re still in stock) might be on sale today, depending on the location.

Whole Foods also has an Easter and Passover catering menu that you might enjoy. Most locations required the orders to be put in before Easter, but you can always check with your local store to see if any options are available for you today. Even if catering isn’t available, Whole Foods stores offer many pre-cooked meal options within the store that you can pick up and bring home to your family for the holiday.

You can also build a cheese board from products you buy at Whole Foods and have it ready for your meal today. The store’s website offers an article with tips on how to build the best Spring cheese board. It offers insights on choosing which cheese to use. The four recommended types of cheese from Whole Foods are a smooth and complex cheese, a balanced and tangy cheese, and creamy and earthy cheese, and a rich and fresh cheese.

You can also pick pairings to go with the cheese, like crackers, deli meats, or breads.

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