Why Isn’t ‘Rick and Morty’ New Tonight? When Does It Return?

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If you’re tuning in to watch “Rick and Morty” tonight, then you’ll likely notice that the episode is a rerun. Why isn’t the show new and when does a new episode return?

‘Rick and Morty’ Doesn’t Return Until September

Unfortunately, “Rick and Morty” is on hiatus right now. If you tune into Adult Swim on Sunday night at 11 p.m. Eastern (10 p.m. Central), then you’ll notice that a rerun is airing. Instead of season 5 episode 9, which is supposed to air next, you’ll see a rerun of season 5 episode 1, “Mort Dinner Rick Andre.” And although the Mr. Nimbus episode was definitely entertaining, you’ll likely be feeling disappointed if you thought a new episode was supposed to air.

The next episode isn’t going to air until Sunday, September 5. Interestingly, this date is definitely defying tradition because Monday, September 6 is Labor Day. Shows typically go on hiatus for Labor Day weekend and don’t show new episodes. But “Rick and Morty” is different. The series will be airing its finale from 11 p.m. Eastern to 12 a.m. Eastern on Sunday night, September 5.

Two Back-to-Back Episodes Will Air

On September 5, the series will have an hour-long block set aside for the season 5 finale. This means you’ll get to watch two episodes back-to-back.

On May 24, the official “Rick and Morty” Instagram account shared a video showing all the names of the episodes airing this season. Only two names on the list haven’t aired yet. In that post, Adult Swim said there are 10 episodes airing this season, writing: “Here’s all ten episode titles of Rick and Morty Season Five, premiering June 20th only on @adultswim.”

So we know that September 5 is going to consist of two episodes airing on the same night, rather than an hour-long single episode.

The only episode titles that haven’t aired yet are “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack.”

A Trailer for the Finale Has Aired

We know a little about what to expect for the finale, since Adult Swim has already shared a trailer. (Note: Minor spoilers are in the story below for previous episodes.) 

[adult swim] – Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale PromoSwimpedia claims no rights to the audio and visuals used in the video above. Please refer to Adult Swim, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, for the ownership of said content. Episode #1 Title: Forgetting Sarick Mortshall Episode #2 Title: Rickmurai Jack Twitter: twitter.com/swimpedia2021-08-09T03:34:31Z

The trailer asks “Who is Rick without Morty?” after showing us Rick’s wheel of “Better Things Than Morty.” Interestingly, the wheel includes a reference to Kyle 2.0. In a previous episode, Mr. Nimbus mentioned that Rick used to travel with someone named Kyle, but we didn’t get to learn more about him.

Ever since, fans have been wondering if Kyle was another sidekick of Rick’s from before Morty’s birth, or if it’s possible that there’s a dimension where Kyle was Rick’s grandson instead of Morty. This theory is further implicated by last week’s episode. In it, Rick had a conversation with a younger version of himself (more accurately, Birdperson’s memory of a younger version of Rick.) Younger Rick implied that their Beth had died, which means that Rick never had a biological Morty grandson of his own. Is it possible had had another grandchild from a different son or daughter named Kyle?

Whatever the case, it looks like we might have a chance to at least learn more about what Rick would be like without Morty, and perhaps why Morty is so important to him.

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