XTorch on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Xtorch on Shark Tank


Entrepreneurs Gene and Keidy Palusky took their company, XTorch, and its products to the Sharks on ABC’sShark Tank” to see if they could get a deal from one of the investors.

According to the episode synopsis, the “husband and wife duo from Edina, Minnesota, light up the room with their portable, rechargeable solar-powered device.”

The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their products to Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

Here’s what you should know about XTorch on “Shark Tank”:  

1. XTorch Is A Solar-Powered Flashlight

XTorch is a solar-powered flashlight that is made to take on adventures, according to the company website.

The flashlight can be charged fully in as little as 22 hours in full sun conditions or about 32 hours in hazy sky conditions. The website reminds customers that a cloudy sky only delivers 15% of the solar radiation needed to charge the XTorch.

If needed, the XTorch can also be charged via a USB wall adapter in about 1.5 hours, though the cable and adapter are not included with purchase.

2. The XTorch Touts a Number of Special Features

According to the company website, the XTorch is more than just a solar-powered flashlight and has a number of easy-to-use features.

The website states that the XTorch has a spring clip, solar pannel, hi and low control button, fuel gage, on and off button, solar panel, front lantern and flashlight, glow in the dark gasket, USB gasket covered with a silicon cover, a water-resistant case, and a room lantern.

The XTorch is said to be durable, have three light options with two brightness levels and lightweight so it’s easy to carry in a bag, vehicle, or on the go.

3. The Company Works With Non-Profit Organizations

The company works to bring light to those who need it, according to the website.

“To bring light and power to those who suffer without; working in partnership with international non-profit organizations, in support of their efforts in disaster relief, refugee aid, medical and general humanitarian outreach,” the XTorch mission statement reads.

They donate at least 25% of the retail sales’ net profits to fund donations to their non-profit partners.

4. The Founder Was Inspired While in Africa & The Dominican Republic

Gene Palusky was inspired to create the XTorch after working and traveling in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, The Dominican Republic and other remote areas of the world, according to the XTorch website.

“He saw children fearful and unable to study after sunset, families’ loss of productive evening hours and expensive cell phone recharging costs,” the website reads.

The Palusky’s time in Equatorial Guinea gave them the idea for the XTorch.

“This experience made the need for light in remote villages very personal for Gene and Keidy,” the site reads. “Now their life passion is to get an XTorch into the hands of energy-poor children and advocate the humanitarian benefits of a solar-rechargeable light.”

The XTorch is made to be used in extreme remote conditions while also being practical for everyday use in some situations.

5. The Product Has a Battery Life of Up to 10 Years

According to the company website, XTorch has up to a 10 year battery life and helps to reduce fear, give people a greater sense of security, better health services, reduce dangerous kerosene fumes and has a rugged construction.

The website states that, at the time of writing, 1000 XTorch flashlights have been distributed to Venezuelan refugees, over 900 have been distributed to Haitian children, and they are bringing light to children in 30 countries around the world.

The XTorch can be purchased online for the price of $49.95 at the time of writing.

“Shark Tank” airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

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