‘Bachelor’ Fans React to Meeting the Entire Family on the First Date

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ABC Zach Shallcross with Christina Mandrell.

Most “Bachelor” fans don’t think it’s a great idea to meet the entire family on a first date. Stop reading if you don’t want to get spoilers for this season.

But that’s what happened to one contestant, Christina Mandrell, who got to go home with Bachelor Zach Shallcross. Mandrell, who is the niece of famous country singer Barbara Mandrell, met Shallcross’s entire family on their first one-on-on date.

That prompted “The Bachelor” to put up a Twitter poll about meeting the entire family so soon.

“Great for TV bad for reality 😂” a fan insisted.

Here’s what you need to know:

Zach Shallcross Took Christina Mandrell to Meet His Family for His Mom’s Birthday

Zach Takes Christina on First One-on-One Date of His Season and She Meets His FamilyZach invites Christina on his first one-on-one date of the season and the two enjoy a romantic helicopter ride before heading to his mom’s birthday celebration. Sparks are flying between the two of them, but Christina still has something she needs to get off her chest. ➤ Subscribe ➤ bit.ly/BacheIorNation 🎙 Check out our Bachelor…2023-01-31T21:00:25Z

Shallcross took Mandrell on a surprise visit to meet his entire family for a belated birthday present for his mom.

He told the cameras that Mandrell “really surprised me right out of the gate.” Shallcross added, “From everything I’ve seen so far, I really like to be around her.”

They shared music tastes. He called her free-spirited, fun, and with a big heart, but said, “She’s also got a little spice to her.”

He said it was a big day. They arrived at a helicopter. “I can’t wait to see where we’re going,” Mandrell said.

They flew over the Hollywood sign. He declared that it was “so romantic up here” and said he was enjoying his time with Mandrell as they kissed in the helicopter.

“If Christina thought being in a helicopter was exciting, just wait for my next surprise,” said Shallcross. When they landed, they went to a house, where he informed her, “We are at my childhood home.” He said she would be meeting his mom, dad, and maybe 20 other family members and friends.

“Meeting the family is never easy,” Shallcross admitted. He revealed that he had missed his mother’s birthday, so they decided to have a family barbecue.

Shallcross told his family of Mandrell, “Believe it or not, it’s our first date.” Mandrell said it was “crazy to find out that’s what the date was” but said she appreciated it because she knows how much family means to Shallcross.

The date seemed to go well, with Mandrell talking with Shallcross’s cousins, and his mom showing her his baby pictures.

Most ‘Bachelor’ Fans Think It’s Too Much to Meet the Entire Family That Soon

The Twitter poll asked, “Thoughts on meeting the entire family on the first date?! #TheBachelor.”

The answer, “too much, too soon,” got 79.5%. The answer, “We love a family man,” received 20.5%.

Fans reacted on the comment thread of the tweet. Some of those responses are:

“WAY TOO MUCH, too soon. They are trying to get to know each other on a one-on-one basis, you don’t need the added pressure of having to ‘perform’ for the person’s family,” a fan responded.

“It’s cute but too soon, Christina might not be in the finals and then it will be awkward for the girl he chooses in the end to meet the family #TheBachelor,” another fan pointed out.

“Maybe not the WHOLE family. That seems a little too much but honestly if it was just a member or two, I don’t see the big deal if it’s just like a casual hang out. Probably wouldn’t do it at my mothers bday party in case the date turns out to be psycho during the middle of it,” commented another fan.

“Never too soon in this reality situation. It would be a make or break date. Loving Christina,” wrote another.

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